Product Of The Week: Live Clean Argan Oil Hydrating Liquid Hand Soap

Washing up with liquid hand soap is a bit of a beauty no-brainer, much like brushing with toothpaste and swiping on deodorant. I do all three on autopilot multiple times every day. So why do I always linger in the drugstore aisle, unwinding the caps on the liquid soaps and sniffing the formulations inside each pump bottle? (I similarily lose time in the deodorant aisle.) It’s an oddly comforting compulsion.

My latest drugstore find, Live Clean’s Hydrating Liquid Hand Soap in Argan Oil, made its way home with me last week when I popped into Shoppers Drug Mart to buy a face cream. I was at the Pan Am Championships in Windsor coaching the Artistic Swimming athletes for Canada and I desperately needed to relieve my pool-air-impacted skin. Naturally, I left the store with the cream…and the liquid soap, which I clearly didn’t need since I was staying at the Best Western hotel.

Its creamy, nutty-like scent sucked me in. And I kept thinking about how great argan oil makes my skin look during the dry winter months when I massage it in before I go to bed at night. So I bought it, walked back to the hotel and into my room and placed it next to the sink adjacent to my travel toothbrush. Sure, I went about washing my hands on autopilot for the remainder of the week like a normal person. Except that I knew my soap was new and special, so there was that. I’m telling you, sometimes a product’s beauty benefits are weird and inexplicable. In my books, that’s wonderful.

Live Clean Hydrating Liquid Soap in “Argan Oil,” is $5.49, available at Shoppers Drug Mart and online at

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