Product Of The Week: DOLL10 Terra Cotta Collection

Ever take a good look inside your makeup bag? Do you have multiple berry-hued lipsticks, three different yet almost exactly the same shade of pink blushes and every permutation of black eyeliner? I hear you. Better yet, we all hear you because we all do it. Not because we’re boring or in a cosmetics rut. It just happens. We like what we like. Which is why I’m so impressed with how much I like the terra cotta-hued collection from Doll 10 Beauty.

Just in time for a winter getaway (Puerto Vallarta, maybe?) and in line with designers like Fendi, Miu Miu and Chloe’s resort collections, the earthy hue takes on a softer approach than it’s 1990s predecessors. Cindy Crawford’s burnt orange and Valeria Mazza and Tyra Bank’s deep terra cotta versions ripped from the covers of ELLE France circa 1990 and Sports Illustrated circa 1995, have been refreshed with Willow Smith’s pert tangerine tones and Bella Hadid’s pinkish pucker this season. No wonder Pantone named the versatile clay tint one of Fall 2019’s trendiest and most universal hues. And I’ve got Doll 10’s lipsticks, blush and eyeliner to prove it.

Courtesy of my lazy makeup’ing, the brand’s clinically tested HydraGel Cream Blush in “Beautify” not only looks gorgeous, it smooths on easily with my fingertips. I can layer it, too. It’s formulation of Shea and avocado butters and lavender extract and jojoba oil won’t cake on my cheeks and instead, leave me looking naturally flushed.

The HydraLux Shadow Liner in “Tempted’s” creamy, crease and waterproof option is also a must for its brightening golden-toned/earthy colour and its longevity. Its blend of rice bran wax nourishes my skin and helps it stay put on my greasy eyelids. Not an easy feat. That said, if I had to choose, I’d pick the line’s neutral pink terra cotta lippies. Lighter in hue than the brown version I favoured in the mid ’90s (who didn’t want to copycat the super models?!), HydraGel’s satin-like lipstick in “Diva” and Lip Rouge’s pigmented Lipstick in “Heart Throb” give me lots of nostalgic feels. And they look great, an awesome reminder that mixing up my beauty routine comes with pretty perks.

Doll 10 Beauty, HydraGel Lipstick in “Diva” and Lip Rouge Lipstick in “Heart Throb,” $20 each;HydraGel Cream Blush in “Beautify” and HydraLux Shadow Liner in “Tempted,” $16 each, available online at

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