Product Of The Week: Avène Body Skin Care Oil

Despite having rough-to-the-touch calves and dry elbows, I’m not a fan of body lotion. I’m not sure what it is, the damp feeling on my skin or the fact that my clothes stick to my body because I never leave enough time between applying the lotion and getting dressed. Regardless, I almost never use lotion and I’ve got the dehydration to prove it.

Well, at least I did until I discovered body oils a few years back.

My latest favourite is Avène’s Body Skin Care Oil. It’s lightweight and silky in texture, absorbs quickly with a dry-touch finish that I, and my wardrobe, appreciate and it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin, even when I rub it onto my neck and chest. So there’s that. It also has a pretty, subtle, spa-like scent. But I think what I like best is that I can use it all over (even on my face and in my hair if I want to) while I’m in the shower.

While I’m waiting for my conditioner to soak in, I pump a tablespoon or so of the oil into my hands and starting from my feet work it up and into my skin. Then I rinse my hair conditioner out. I don’t scrub the oil away or even wash it off, but I do let the water rinse me down before I turn off the taps, step out and pat my body dry with a towel. The after effect is awesome. I have smooth skin. It’s not greasy or shiny. And I don’t have the squirmy, heavy feeling most lotions leave behind.

Avène Body Skin Care Oil is $30, available at Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques.

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