The Perfect Makeup Brushes

If you look at any professional makeup artist’s kit, they’ve got about 100 brushes in there “ but do you really need that many to get the job done? For us regular makeup folk, the diverse choices for makeup brushes can be overwhelming (seriously, what’s the difference between a contour brush, a powder brush and loose powder brush?). It’s easy to get wrapped up in confusion, but with help from M·A·C cosmetics’ senior artist Jane McKay, we’ve compiled guidelines to steer you in the direction to your perfect brushes.

Jane advises never go too big with your blush brush “ otherwise application will overpower your face. She recommends M·A·C’s #116 Blush Brush, it’s a classic shape, very versatile and is great for shading and highlighting your cheeks and face. Just ensure when you’re shopping for your blush brush go with one that is tapered (dome shaped), is soft, can highlight, shade and of course, isn’t too big. Try a contour brush since it’s smaller than a blush brush but slightly bigger than an eye shadow brush.

Eye Shadow
Every girl wants her eyes to pop! Besides using the right colours, you also need the right tool. Go for an oval shaped brush, one that is wide enough to sweep colour onto your lid, thin enough (when turned to the side) to highlight underneath your eyebrow and have a slightly pointed tip to highlight the corners of your eyes with a dab of white eye shadow.

If you want more of a natural looking brow, use a brush and powder instead of a pencil, especially if you’re going for a stunning high arch. Look for a thin and angled brush “ this will give more precision when filling in your brows.

For coverage on small areas and flawless precision go with a flat, firm and slightly tapered brush. The firmness is great for touch ups while the flatness is ideal for blending. Try M·A·C’s  #194 Concealer Brush, the added bonus to this brush is that it can be used for your lips too!

Natural or Synthetic
Now all there’s to know is whether you should go with a natural or synthetic bristle brush. Natural bristles (usually made from goat hair, etc) feel softer on your skin and are best used for powdered makeup. For gel, wax, or cream makeup use a synthetic bristle brush. And if you tend to mix it up and use all types of makeup go with the natural/synthetic mixed brush– it’s the best of both worlds.

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  1. Avatar
    • Nicole
    • January 1, 1970
    Awesome article!  Would love to see more of Miro’s advice!
  2. Avatar
    • Nicole
    • January 1, 1970
    Awesome article!  Would love to see more of Miro’s advice!

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