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Gossip Girl changed my life. Maybe that’s dramatic, but it definitely caused a massive shift in my personal style. Before Blair and Serena, their iconic photo shoot at the fountain and Constance Saint Jude prep (whose hallways looked more like a runway than an actual school), my fashion sense was limited to the latest styles at La Senza Girl, Hollister and Old Navy. On the eve of Gossip Girl‘s premiere, I was deeply entrenched in my awkward preteen stage. I had just turned 13 years old and for my birthday I received an entirely coral coloured outfit from Lululemon, which consisted of skin tight shorts, a tank top and headband. I wore these all together as frequently as possible, and the effect was that I resembled a walking, talking, braces-clad, salmon.

I was instantly hooked on the show. It single-handedly reeled me out of my awkward preteen salmon stage and exposed me to a whole new world of fashion possibility. Suddenly I was wearing knee high socks and headbands to school, and trying to figure out if I should wear preppier clothes like Blair or go for more of a vintage vibe like Serena. Somewhere along this soul searching journey where many a trainer bra was shredded in lieu of an AA cup, I came to the difficult question of makeup.

For all my mom’s good qualities she was never one to proffer up makeup advice other than wash your face. So even though I ended up with perfect soapy clean skin, if you handed 13-year-old Liz a mascara wand she would probably try and write with it. In fact, drug stores scared me. There were so many colours of blush and mascara-lined up in close proximity, and the only person to help me was Deborah, the 60-year-old Shoppers Drug Mart employee who used to be my girl scout leader. On the off chance I purchased something it would usually be in 10 shades darker than my colour or completely impractical. I decided to rectify this circa season two by scouring every best mascara best lipstick and best bronzer article ever written. Slowly but surely I built a little army of makeup goliaths, that I still have to this day.

This is the ultimate compiled list of beauty products that you need for everyday use. Each of these products has been tried, tested and found true not only by yours truly, but by hundreds of online reviews. Even though some of them fall on the pricey side, I can personally guarantee that it will be worth the investment. Please ask my assistant* if you wish to see the terms and agreements in which I clarify that this is only a moral guarantee and not a monetary one¦ cut me some slack, I’m still on an intern’s budget.

*I don’t have an assistant.

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We all know the impact a bold red lip can have, but nudes are just as important. These classics have since made their way into my beauty bag.

MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo, $21


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