Ombre Hair: In Or Out?

Nothing lasts forever. And while ombre hair has been the go-to trend for nearly two seasons, its luster seems to have faded (no pun intended) and given way to a new approach. Though that’s not to say that ombre hair is out. That’s we’ve done some investigating to determine whether or not you should still embrace ombre hair or how you can update it for the season.

1. Create obvious contrast
While typical ombre hair is meant to look as if hair has merely grown out from its lighter colour, spring 2012 calls for more of an intentional effect. Dark roots and blonde hair (like Madonna in the 1980s) is springing up on runways and on the streets, and paired with bright red lipstick or jewel-toned eye shadow, it creates an intentional, hardened effect matched only by a black bomber worn with leather shorts. Keep ends blunt if you want to maintain a piecey, edgy vibe, or part hair in the middle to channel the early-to-mid 1990s.

2. Abandon bleached ends
Last year may have seen everyone dip their ends in bleach and colour, but spring 2012 showcases an even more disheveled approach to ombre hair. Leaving roots less exposed than last season (think three to four inches of grow out as opposed to the majority), lightened ends take a backseat to the grunged-out effect perfected by celebrity stylists. Currently the opposite of 2012’s prim and polished hairstyles (1920s-inspired), the just-grown-out look works best with long, straight hair, and there shouldn’t be too stark a contrast between natural colour and anything dyed.

3. Slicked back and ombre
Hair in spring 2012 sees a case of extremes: while well coloured, monochromatic hair works well with the ultra-feminine fashions of the season, slicked back, ombre hair represents hardened androgyny. The slicked-back trend goes hand-in-hand with ombre in that the roots should appear wet. Like you’ve just gotten out of the shower, dry hair should appear lighter and wavy while about four to five inches of roots should seem slick. While last year saw delicate waves, 2012’s beach vibe gets a kick: style hair like you’ve just gotten out of the water and headed immediately to a formal dinner.


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