New Year, New Hair: Hair Trends for 2015

The New Year is all about starting fresh, so we spoke to Toronto hair stylist and salon owner, Ergys Tafilica, about how we can improve our locks in 2015.

The haircut you need to have: Long lightly textured bob

We’ve seen it on all of our favourite celebs from Lauren Conrad to Lucy Hale and it is here to stay. You don’t want a lot of layers and should keep it very lightly textured, says Tafilica. If you have a fringe add texture to funk it up or opt out of the fringe all together.

What look is so 2014? Bangs

If bangs if your thing then rock it, but if you are thinking of going from no fringe to fringe, I’d reconsider. If you do bangs, I would say like fuller bangs with quite a bit of texture so they’re versatile, says Tafilica. A little bit longer, to like below your eyebrows. Other than that, I’d say no bangs.

Colour: Go darker

This past year was all about going lighter, adding ombre highlights or going completely platinum, but next year is all about the browns.  Think Jasmine Tookes at the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

asmine Tookes poses backstage at the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show

Get educated!

This year take the time to learn about what you’re putting on your head! I find a lot of people are not educated about products, says Tafilica. You don’t have to use as many products, just a few which are right for you. If you are really unsure what you should be using, ask your hair stylist what they use on your hair when you’re at the salon.

Save time and energy

Don’t over-do it would your hair tools. After you shower, remove the water from your hair lightly with your towel (don’t rub too much or you’ll mess with the texture of your hair) or wait until your hair is 50 percent dry before blow drying, says Tafilica. It makes your blow dry quicker and you are not killing your hair with the heat. He also has a tip for getting perfectly smooth hair without having to straighten it using another heat tool. Dry your hair from top to bottom, pointing the nose down. This way you’re not pushing the hair cuticle up, you’re actually pushing the cuticle down. That’s the way it grows. You will see way less frizz, doesn’t matter how frizzy your hair is.

In the Toronto area? Visit Ergys at Ergys Studio Hair Salon at 1005 Eglinton West, or find more information at

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