5 Hair Removal Products Under $17 That’ll Make You Throw Out Your Razor

While quick and convenient, shaving isn’t the only way to achieve smooth skin this summer. And that doesn’t mean spending a fortune on salon waxing services either. There are plenty of alternative solutions available right at your drugstore. From in-shower hair removers to wax strips, you’ll want to show off your healthy, nourished and silky skin all season long. Here are our favourite new hair removal products from Nair:

Nair Nourish Shower Power, $16.99

C&D_March2016_nair shower power

The ultimate time saver, this mess-free formula is water resistant and works while you shower. It removes very short hair and lasts longer than shaving. The best part? The formula has an infusion of Japanese cherry blossom and rice bran oil that nourishes and moisturizes your skin so you can step right out of the shower with sexy stems in just 10 minutes.

Nair Nourish Creme, $7.99


Also infused with Japanese cherry blossom and rice bran oil (which is now available in all new Nair products this year), this cream can be used at home and gives you results in 10 minutes or under for less than the cost of a good razor.

Nair Wax Read-Strips Legs & Body, $16.99, Face & Bikini, $12.99


Here’s what we love about these wax strips: there is no rubbing or warming involved meaning they are truly ready-to-use. The cold-wax technology works on hair as short at 2mm and results are up to four weeks. One box has 40 wax strips, which means you’re spending under 20 bucks on a full summer of hair removal!

Nair Ultimate Microwaveable & Rinseable Roll-on Body Wax, $14.49

Nair_Roll-On Wax

This tool comes with two applicators, one for bikini and underarms and one for legs and body, allowing for precise hair removal. Wax is heated in just 20 seconds and results last four weeks. Plus, there is no mess as everything is easily cleaned with soap and water after use.

Nair Cire Divine Microwave Resin Wax, $16.99

Nair - Cire Divine - 2016

If waxing makes you squirm, this product is for you. Get the results of waxing, but without the pain. It’s gentle on the skin because of the wax’s firm grip right at the root of the hair, which means you get less wax stuck to the skin which causes the pain.

Nair products are available at select mass and drug retailers across Canada.

This post was brought to you by Nair.

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