Makeup To Boost Your Mood

You feel like you just laid your head down to sleep, but already you’re dragging it back up for another day. On one of those mornings, makeup can feel like a prerequisite you grudgingly have to complete to move on to takeout coffee. But boring makeup won’t take the droop out of your eyes, let alone your mood. Let’s make it a little easier. Here are a few of our favourite fun makeup finds to boost your mood “ even before you have your coffee.

Tara Tarantino Lip Gloss ring

If the mouthwatering flavours of this lip gloss don’t perk you up, the adorable ring they come in is pretty much a sure-fire bet. A stylish Victorian Cameo-esque ring filled with flavours like honeydew and grape is sure to cheer you up every time you lift a finger.

Tara Tarantino lip gloss ring

Givenchy La Prisme Collector Sparkling Powder

If this shimmer powder doesn’t brighten your mood, at least it’ll brighten your face. Brush it along your cheekbones, under your eyebrows and at the inner corners of your eyes to instantly lift and lighten your eyes. Brush a little on your collarbones if you want a little extra pick-me-up “ it’s an unexpected place to add a peek of shimmer.

Make Up For Ever Individual Eyelashes

Katy Perry has said you can never have too many of these, and it’s easy to see why. False lashes amp up your inner bombshell, but a full set can verge on stripper-esque when used during the day “ or really any day other than Halloween. But a few individual falsies at the outside corners of your eyes will sex up your look without sexing up your reputation.

Tarte Ring It In Cheek Stain

The limited edition set pretty much brings together all the fun elements of the products above for the ultimate makeup pick-me-up. Make(pick-me-)up, if you will. Powder blush can give your cheeks a flat matte look sometimes, but these are stain blushes, which will give your cheeks a dewy look. The petite golden tubes are gorgeous. Add in a little seasonal excitement with their New Year’s theme and a free cocktail ring, and you’ve got a recipe for an instant cheek and mood lift.

Tarte Ring It In cheek stain

Sympatico Image


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