Kim Kardashian Makeup Looks

Whether you love her or you hate her, Kim Kardashian‘s cemented herself as a current darling of our pop culture landscape, debuting new looks on what feels like a daily basis, and setting the bar for the latest makeup standards. That’s why we’ve chosen to showcase four Kim Kardashian looks that you can adopt for yourself “ because regardless of what you think about Keeping Up With her, the woman knows a thing or two about cosmetics.

Novelty Glam
We sang the praises of paper lashes earlier this year, but leave it to the reality star to incorporate false lashes with a natural look that’s still fitting for the red carpet. Sticking to a nude gloss and neutral eye shadow, Kim keeps the focus on her eyes, using her long lashes to frame them, ensuring that the rest of her face is relatively low key. Requiring only your standard concealer/foundation combination, use a cream blush to amp up the English rose qualities, and choose a gloss a little darker than your natural tone to look dressed up, but still relatively natural.

Kim Kardashian Makeup Look

Dramatic and Classic

Capitalizing on our seasonal infatuation with a classic aesthetic straight out of yesteryear, Kim flaunts her near-perfect pout with a rich red lip colour, cementing it as a focal point while her eye makeup, though red-carpet appropriate, allows her lips to stand out. To get this look, use a dark liner on the eyes and abide by the standard smoky rules (applying a darker shade to the crease of the eye while incorporating a lighter eye shadow on the lid). Cap off with a powder or gel blush, and blend just enough to keep it looking naturally intentional.

Kim Kardashian Makeup Look

Staying Smoky

Perhaps the best go-to when contemplating a formal aesthetic, smoky eyes work perfectly alongside Kim’s otherwise neutral makeup choices, offering a classic alternative to looking done up but not over the top. Using a black liner around the eye, blend with a dark shadow (the same colour you plan on using in the eyelid crease), then apply a lighter shade with a flat blush to create a dramatic contrast. Blend enough to keep it classic, then top eyes off with a black mascara. Apply a light gloss or lip colour to cement your eyes as the focal point, and keep face powder to a minimum to prevent looking too matte.

Kim Kardashian Makeup Look

Just Jewel-Toned

No stranger to false lashes or dynamic eyes, Ms. Kardashain opts for a dramatic look of the jewel-toned variety, using a light shadow on the eyelid to contrast her choice of dark liner and mascara. Allowing lashes to speak for themselves, use a jewel or pastel eye shadow sparingly, and opt for just a touch for shadow to keep your primarily dark eye from looking overwhelming.

Kim Kardashian Makeup Look

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