How To Wear Winter 2021’s Big Hair Trend

By Alison McGill

There’s nothing we love more than hair with mega volume, and the good news is amped up styles are back in a major way! Adele, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Jennifer Lopez are just a few stars backing the big hair trend. We’re talking styles with a definite throwback vibe to ‘80s and early ‘90s looks, but worn in a more natural, less over-styled way.

We spoke to celebrity hairstylist Cindy Duplantis, who’s a Redken Artist and ambassador for Chatters Hair Salon, about the return to big hair and how to create perfect, voluminous styles.

Volume is back! What makes it fresh for 2021?
“It’s all about the big blowout which we’ve seen Jennifer Lopez wearing a lot this year,” Duplantis says. “The modern version of volumized hair is not about backcombing and layering on the hairspray—we are in the era of healthy, glossy hair. It has movement, it has flow, and it’s all about working with your hair’s natural texture. If you have naturally straight hair, you will need to add more lift with products and tools, but if your hair has curl enhance that existing texture to give hair a pumped up finish.”

There are many ways to achieve amplified hair volume, what are some of your favourite tools and tricks of the moment?
“Hot rollers are back which is a super fun way to add bounce and lift to your hair,” Duplantis explains. “I also love hot tools like DRYBAR’s Single Shot Blow-Dryer Brush, and of course I am all about volumizing products which help to support hair and add the illusion of fullness. I love a weightless thickening spray like Redken Volume Maximizer, which you spritz on damp hair before—it’s one of my absolute must-haves.

What other types of products do you suggest pumping the volume for hair textures from fine to thick?
“Between sprays and mousses, there are so many great product options,” Duplantis reports. “A universal, all-around volumizing product great for all hair types is Redken Guts 10 Volume Foam Spray. This product is a staple at every single fashion week, and acts as a mousse and hairspray in one. I love that it can be used on wet or dry hair, from roots to ends, to give extra lift. If you have hair that tends to naturally frizz, I recommend a curling gel which will give lift and fight the fuzzies. Although the products you use will shape your style, it’s also comes down to blow-drying technique. You need to direct heat to your roots as soon as you start to dry your hair as that’s what ultimately creates lasting volume. I like to use a round brush at the roots to lift hair—do not let dry hair flat to the head because it will stay flat, and will be very difficult to pump up.”

Here are a few of our favourite volumizing hair tool and products that will help give your mane the boost you’re looking for.

DRYBAR’s Single Shot Blow-Dryer Brush, $198
This genius hot tool is used on damp hair to dry and set hair. For root volume, use horizontally at the crown to create incredible lift.

Redken Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam, $25
This is an essential in Duplantis’ beauty kit, and is loved by editorial and celebrity stylists for its mega-volumizing effects.

Aveda Invati Advanced Thickening Foam, $47
This airy mousse is formulated to deliver plumped up locks that appear thicker, fuller, and infinitely more voluminous.

Deva Curl Ultra Defining Gel, $32
This strong-hold gel will be your curls best friend. It eliminates frizz, boosts shine and provides a solid foundation for building volumized styles.

Locks & Mane #IWokeUp LikeThis Dry Shampoo, $18
This dry shampoo will not only keep hair fresh between washes but adds incredible texture, and amped-up root-lift.

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