How to Embrace the Blue Beauty Trend

Whether it’s because the ’90s are making a comeback or now, more than ever, consumer makeup toes the line every so closely to pro makeup brands, blue makeup for every part of your face is now a thing. Since shades of blue makeup can sometimes give us beauty butterflies, we talked to MAC Cosmetics senior artist Jane McKay (who keys looks for runway shows all over the globe) on how to navigate this daring blue beauty trend with style and sass for the day-to-day.

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A Modern take on the past

The blue makeup trend finds its roots in both the ’60s and the ’90s, two inspiration decades for the beauty industry. However don’t think this is an opportunity to walk out with full out ’60s makeup (you’ll get looks, we promise). According to McKay, Decade-inspired makeup trends work better when weaved together with modern elements that use today’s technologies (think skin care and primers) to make the makeup look new.” McKay also strongly cautions against overdoing a blue eye: I never wear blue from lash line to brow; it’s too much for me to handle on myself and others,” adding, “Stay along the eyelid or lash lines.” For a modern take on the past, McKay explains, “I love incorporating turquoise or navy with a subtle or graphic eyeliner set against a nude, pink or orange lip.

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