How to Pair Up the Hottest Spring Beauty Trends

Light and bright are the stars this spring. Runways and red carpets are the early showcases of the best in spring beauty, and this year was no disappointment. The classic spring dewy complexion gets a twist in cyberskin, while lipsticks, eyeshadows and palettes are all dressed up like a candy box. Doubling up on trends isn’t out of the question, but like mixed drinks, not all pairings are a match made in heaven. Read on for our guide to which spring beauty trends work well together.


This spring phenomenon was coined by Gucci Westman in Women’s Wear Daily; a catchy way to describe a flawless, super luminous complexion. Use a moisturizer or foundation with light-reflecting particles to get the look.

Use it with: This works with almost all trends, but stick to one to avoid overdoing it. This trend will pair well with a lip or eye trend, but won’t work as well with bold cheeks. Bold cheeks look best when complemented by highlighter, and this trend has plenty of sheen already.

Bright lips & currant lips

Decorated lips are hot for spring. Traffic-stopping shades like bright pinks, fuschias and corals were everywhere on the runways. At the opposite end of the spectrum, though, are currant lips. Deep purply-black shades finished with high gloss. Take your pick!

Use it with: This is a bold trend to pull off. Standout lips work best when they’re the focus, so be picky when pairing them with other trends. Cyberskin is a safe bet since it’ll act as a flawless canvas but won’t distract from your lips.

Bold cheeks

Rosy cheeks have been making their rounds on red carpets and runways. There’s a fine line with this trend “ it’s a step up from a casual swipe of blush, but no one wants to look like they just stepped out of a high school play or the circus. Pick a bold shade, but be picky in testing to see what works best with your skin tone. Cream blushes are easier to blend. Top it off with a smidge of well-blended highlighter to really make your cheeks stand out.

Use it with: This is a tricky one to pair up. Steer clear of cyberskin since it has a luminous sheen to begin with – highlighter will be overkill. Bold lips will split attention, unless you want to tone them down with a sheer or more natural shade. But a playful bright shadow will work well here, especially if it’s a shade of pink similar to your blush for an overall glow.

Bright eyes

The perennial trend of candy-coloured eyes is back. But this spring, all bets are off colour-wise. Runways saw everything from shocking yellow liners at Peter Som to soft pinks and violets. Pick your poison and have fun with it, but stick to a monochromatic palette. More than one bright will be too distracting.

Use it with: This is another versatile trend. It can work with any of the above trends, but like cyberskin, only pair with one. Also, be sure to pick one trend as your focus so you can adjust the other. The reason this works for bright eyes is because eyeshadow is easily adjusted to be more sheer or light if you want another feature to stand out.

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