How To: Nude Lips

There’s a fine line between adopting one of the season’s hottest beauty looks and looking relatively sickly. That’s why we’re going to help you achieve the nude lip without subjecting you to a day of appearing monotone; because combined with bright eyes, bold cheeks and an outfit that embodies spring, you’ll come off happy, healthy and glowing “ and not like an extra in any number of zombie films.

Step 1: Shade Selection

True, nude may seem synonymous with same as skin tone, but if you match your lips perfectly to your face or to the rest of your skin, you’ll come off looking monochromatic “ and not in a good way. Remember, your lips are naturally darker than the rest of your face, so by choosing a nude shade that’s slightly pinky, orange or brown “ or even a gloss that’s sheer “ you’re still differentiating your mouth from the rest of your face, and ensuring you look alive.

Step 2: Skin Tone

When it comes to nude lips, the last thing you want is to come off looking matte “ especially since without multi-dimension, you can easily look washed out or nearing your death bed. Thus, adopt a dewy complexion using under-eye highlighter, and apply bronzer and a light blush to give off that glowing or just outdoors look. You can also use a highlighter on your nose or where darkness usually occurs. That way, your complexion is naturally brightened so your lips will stand out a little bit more. 

Step 3: Eyes

You may think your eye makeup is unrelated to boasting nude lips, but in terms of balance, you’ll want to rethink your eye regimen when adopting this beauty trend. As with most looks, the key is balance: so while you may think a smoky eye will help cancel out the natural aspect of nude lips, you’ll want to adopt an aesthetic that’s relatively middle ground. Meaning? Don’t be afraid of dark eyeliner and bold lashes, but when it comes to shadow, stick with neutrals like browns, cré¨mes and even pinks to ensure your naturally inspired lips don’t look completely out of place.

Step 4: Application

While matte lipstick has returned along with beehives and floral miniskirts, a nude lip requires more dimension than what a tube of lipstick normally has to offer. If you’re looking to invest in a nude shade, think sheen as much as tone, so that your lips still stand out despite their lack of colour pop. Then, if you’re opting for a lipstick as opposed to a tube of gloss, apply with a brush: the key to a nude a lip is its natural quality, and by over-applying or simply smearing, you’ll come across like you’re wearing too much lip colour.

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