How Not To Look Stressed

Between work, school, paying bills, trying to sleep, attempting a social life and finding time to read all the articles we’ve written for you, stress is going to show on your face. And that’s okay: stress happens — we’re experts. But after those nights spent catching up on deadlines, cramming for exams or even just scrolling through Tumblr (hello, last night), you still want to look well rested and relaxed. Here’s our guide to not looking stressed and our favourite products to assist with such.


1. Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector

Here’s something most of us all have in common: under-eye circles. So if you’re hoping to correct them as opposed to simply camouflaging, opt for Clinique’s Dark Circle Corrector, which contains Vitamin C, caffeine, green tea and mulberry extract that soothes and calms irritation. Whey protein strengthens skin (making it less inclined to bruise “ which is essentially what under-eye circles are), while the cooling tip applicator gets rid of fluid congestion (read: puffiness) and immediately increases circulation to fight the problem going forward.

2. Topshop Bronzer

top shop bronzer
If you’ve ever pulled an all-nighter, you know how pale you can look the next day. And thought only sleep will really restore that healthy glow, you can still fake it for a meeting or presentation with bronzer like Topshop’s Global or Holidaze bronzer ($16) or Glow ($19), a product that adds sheen and a satiny finish for a three-dimensional, real look. Not that you should overdo it, but a quick application of both will make you appear fresh-faced and restored, which is really all some of us really want after the night of a thousand deadlines.

3. LIPIKAR Baume AP Moisturizer

But before you do anything, remember to moisturize. The only thing worse than the under-eye circles, puffiness and general look of fatigue is drained, dehydrated skin, so reach for something like La Roche-Posay LIPIKAR Baume AP which fights dryness AND puffiness (especially crucial when you’re not at your peak). Containing Shea butter, canola oil and omega-3, this hypoallergenic formula also fights eczema “ one of the worst side effects of stress, that you absolutely don’t need to be dealing with, too.

4. Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Night Cream

burts bees
Clearly we can’t sing enough praises for moisturizers. But when you do finally get to hit the hay, make sure to apply a night cream after face-washing to fight the effects of a busy, exhausting day. The less chemicals the better, so consider a product like Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Night Cream ($29.99) which contains Clary sage “ an herb that thrives in harsh environments because of its ability to retain moisture. Add orange peel extract (to help refine skin), Mafura and Tucuma butter to pump your skin full of anti-oxidants, and you’ll wake up looking as though stress is something you’ve never heard about.


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