How to Do Classic Makeup

We love a good makeup trend (grey nails, smoky eyes, bright lips – the list goes on) but a classic, timeless look is always in style.

From Audrey Hepburn to Anne Hathaway, Hollywood beauties have defined glamour by enhancing their best features with natural-looking makeup. Leave the glitters and bright shadows to Gaga, and opt for a classic look fit for any occasion. Here’s how:

Perfect Skin

The key to classic makeup is clear, problem-free skin (easier said than done, we know). A lightweight foundation or concealer will help to create the illusion of a perfect complexion.

Beware of layering foundation on too thick: a cakey complexion does not look natural and rids your skin of its natural glow. Set the concealer in place using a translucent powder all over your face. Next, sweep a peach or rose-toned blush to the roundest part of your cheeks for a touch of colour.


Eyebrows work to frame the face and help create an overall polished look. A well-manicured brow can be tricky to achieve, but does not go unnoticed.

The shape of the brow is dictated by the shape of your face, and should start parallel to the inner corner of your eye, extending to the outer corner (getting rid of any stray hairs along the way).

For fuller, more defined brows, finish the look using a brow pencil to fill in the shape.

Neutral Shadow

Electric blues and vibrant magentas don’t exactly scream elegance (though there’s definitely a time and place for that look). Achieving classic makeup means opting for earthy tones like browns, mossy greens or even peach tones.

Your eyes should be subtle and understated in order to allow that porcelain skin and those perfectly framed brows to do all the talking. Apply a dark neutral shadow to your lids, followed by a sheer shade all the way up to your brow bone.

Using black liquid eyeliner or pencil, draw a line across the eyelid close to the base of the lashes. Follow with mascara.

Natural Lips

Keep the lips simple and clean with neutral tones that won’t attract too much attention. We know, deep red lips are all the rage, but trust us”when it comes to classic lips, resist the urge to be dramatic.

Instead, opt for a more subtle lip that closely resembles your mouth’s natural pink tone. Make sure to choose lipsticks over glosses or stains. Glosses make a more casual, youthful statement, which can take away from the overall look, and stains are typically more dramatic, so lipsticks are the way to go!

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