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Winter weather means hiding beneath parkas and woolen scarves, and to some, dismissing style altogether. But just because we have to bundle up to keep warm, doesn’t mean we should dress down our appearance. While this unfavourable weather forces us to fasten on the knitted toques and overbearing hoods, there are some hairstyles that are meant to be worn with hats (despite how strongly the snow tries to convince otherwise!) Presenting hairstyle trends of the season, that winter caps will bring into the spotlight:

Low and side ponytail
Due to this hairstyle’s low-maintenance appeal, it seems it will forever remain in style. Whether you are opting for a tight, sophisticated look as seen on the runway of Stella McCartney, or a messy and tousled up-do, this pony can adapt to many different styles. It can either doll up an outfit for a classy evening on the town, or be whipped up casually while rushing out the door. It is a faultless hairstyle that is endearingly simple in its appeal, and doesn’t seem as though you exhausted yourself to reach a look of perfection (no matter how long you spent positioning your pony at the right angle, best to keep it to yourself).

Volume (Backcombing your hair)
In order to master this ˜60s inspired hairstyle, it involves teasing the hair to create maximum volume. So grab hold of a fine toothed comb and some hairspray; no amount of snow is going to jeopardize this hairdo! Then, repeatedly brush your hair towards your scalp until it gives off a tangled-like appearance. If you have a thicker head of hair, you’re in luck – your locks will hold the utmost volume with minimal effort. But for those with thinner hair, producing volume may be tricky. Instead, you can resort to artificial help with a bumpit (a hair volumizing insert).This look has been spotted on the runway of Chanel, Nina Ricci, and Oscar de la Renta. After all, what’s old is new again.

Also known as the classic low bun. This timeless hairstyle offers maximum comfort and elegance, whether dressing formally for a special occasion, or an everyday casual-chic look. While wearing a hat (or even sporting earmuffs) this sophisticated hairstyle will be sure to stand in place. Chignons are generally achieved by pinning the hair into a tight-knit bun at the nape of the neck (while modeling a hat, it’s best to make sure it’s situated lower on the neck). As modeled by Eva Longoria while attending The Nobel Gift Gala in London, it’s clear this elegantly loose hairstyle is nothing less than glamourous. So load up on those bobby pins, a snow storm aint’ stopping you from rocking this look!

Loose and wavy tousled hair
Naturally soft waves and unkempt hair is a complete must-wear look this season. This hairstyle appears careless and effortless, yet is anything but unflattering. These natural tresses are simple to achieve, and are especially practical for the bitter winter weather. After you hop out of the shower, grab a hairdryer and some mousse. Then, crunch up your hair to produce those wild waves. Special mention to all ladies out there with blunt bangs: mixed with this mussed up hairstyle, thick bangs will help accentuate your eye colour and facial traits. So allow for your locks to flow alongside the winter chill, and consider your hat a fashion accessory.

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