Hair Volume: The Bigger, The Better

It’s true what they say: The grass is always greener when you’re talking about someone else’s hair. Those of us born with hair so straight and fine it could belong to a two-year old may revel in the fact that we can achieve Gwyneth’s smooth, straight lob without touching a flat iron, but what about when we want something more like Kate Hudson’s classically carefree, All-American, toss-worthy hair? As a girl whose hair is a victim of the cruel effects of gravity, I can tell you there is hope. Warning: the below article includes a lot of hair-tossing.

Spray it up
You probably own every volumizing product out there, but it might be time to take a trip back to third grade and try a detangler.  Pantene Fine Hair Solutions Anti-Breakage Detangler helps strengthen and detangle your hair without weighing it down, and preps your hair for a styling assault.

Lazy Days
So, you’re running about 10 minutes late to work.  Take your 90% dry hair and twist it into a perfect cinammon bun on top of your head.  Use Goody’s brilliant new Simple Styles Spin Pin to secure it gently without getting that tell-tale hair crinkle your hair ties leave you with.  Before you walk into the office, undo your updo and toss your hair a few times.  Is that you looking casually beautiful?  Why yes, yes it is!

Step it up
Remember your grandmother’s hair? How it barely moved in the wind and added at least 3 inches to her little bird body?  Well, she probably used Velcro rollers.  Don’t worry, you can use them without looking like a Golden Girl, you just need to resign yourself to the fact that you will look ridiculous while using them.  Spray your almost-dry hair with a volumizing spray, then section into pieces and roll it on up.  Blow dry on low fan and high heat, then keep them in and let them cool while you do your make-up and choose your outfit for the day.  Remove and shake out, but avoid brushing.  Be sure to turn your head dramatically throughout the day for emphasis.

Get Serious
If you want to look like a Bond girl, you’re going to need to spend some money on a good set of hot rollers.  My hairstylist sister-in-law gifted me with a set of Babyliss Pro Ceramic rollers for my last birthday, and told me it would change my life.  Guess what? She was right.  Start with not-quite-freshly-washed hair (the night before is ideal), then toss your hair while spritzing lightly with hairspray. Create a line of rollers down the center of your head, then add in the rest.  The math they forgot to teach you in high school is that more curls=more volume, so make sure the sections aren’t too big.

When they’ve cooled completely, gently unroll and finish with another spritz of hairspray. Turn your head upside down and comb through gently with your fingers.  When you pop up and look in the mirror, what do you see? That’s right, a full-on 1990s video vixen.  You’re welcome.

Keep It Going

Look, I know we all want to have long hair, but if you want to avoid the lankiness, you’re going to need regular haircuts.  Stop hoarding your hair and visit your stylist every 6 weeks.

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