Celebrating 100 Years of Maybelline

Maybelline New York is one of the top international makeup brands out there, thanks to a century of cosmetic creativity and innovation. This year marks Maybelline’s 100th birthday and they are celebrating with a limited-edition anniversary collection that gives new twists on old classics.

The collection features some of their best products in exclusive new shades, including the Eye Studio Color Molten Eye Shadow in Rose Rush and Stroke of Silver, Baby Lips in Fuchsia Fix and Ra-Ra Red, ColorSensational Lip Colour in Purposeful Mauve, Magenta-bulous, Strike a Rose, Coral Cocktail, and Berry Chic, and Color Show Nail Polish in Gold Stunner and Beyond Burgundy.

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These newbies can be found in stores across Canada starting May 12, 2015. You will know it’s the anniversary collection by the iconic New York City skyline on all the packaging.

Since 1915, Maybelline’s contribution to cosmetics has been huge. The company is responsible for introducing many makeup mainstays that we couldn’t imagine living without today, like the infamous Great Lash mascara in the recognizable pink and green tube.

Aside from awesome makeup, Maybelline has spread liberating messages to modern women all over the world. The idea that women can be not only beautiful but also smart, bold, and sexy has been advocated by Maybelline since the beginning.

Here are some of our favourite vintage Maybelline advertisements that empower women:



This ad shows how the average everyday woman can achieve the coveted flapper look with the simplicity of Maybelline mascara. The flappers of the 1920s represented a new breed of non-traditional, free-spirited, hyper-sexual women. We think that an especially important feature of this ad is the assurance that the products won’t give an unnatural look, showing that makeup is about embracing and enhancing your natural assets.


FullSizeRender (3)

Maybelline was one of the first to promote the classic combination of mascara, eye shadow, and eyebrow pencil to easily enhance the eyes. But the flawless glamour of this woman isn’t even the best part of the ad. Maybelline challenges the convention that women should only be considered in terms of beauty by calling attention to the fact that we have brains too. We love the statement that Maybelline is preferred by really smart women the world over because it shows that there is more to a woman than just a pretty face.


FullSizeRender (4)

Here the modest woman is replaced by the modern woman who owns her sexuality. Maybelline rejects that old fashioned expectation that women should stick to one man by offering different flavours of lip gloss for each girl’s flavour of the week. This move shows that women, like men, can play the field, and Maybelline gives you the goods to do it. The idea is far from outdated, though the golden heart-shaped picture frames are.

Maybelline’s positive branding and affordable pricing has made it a favourite for women of all walks of life. By allowing us to look and feel our best, Maybelline will no doubt continue to grace the faces of amazing women for another 100 years to come.

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