Hair Trends For Fall 2011

This fall, hair goes super long or super short, the trends are varied and fun. Bangs are everywhere in every style. Hair colours vary from natural colour to extreme colours – you get to choose. Hairstyles this fall are striking and fashion forward.

Long hair
Not only is this style in, but the longer the better. A center part is good, with long bangs or short bangs. The long hair look comes off as effortless, what comes off as an easy comb and go look of course is not that easy to achieve. 

Hair colours
In the fashion world, hair shades can go natural or brazen with red or white blonde tresses. Gold tones and honey hues match well with most skin tones and are popular, with hair stylists suggesting hair colors in amber, chestnut, honey and maple are the wave for this season.

Short hair
This tress trend is hot in a Pixie crop, made for women who want to make a statement. Flash your Pixie cut with the favored color of bold blonde, gel it up, keep it straight, or use your natural curl to your advantage. 

Bangs are back in a big way this season, paired with Bob styles, as well as short and long hair. Hair with bangs can be seen used with side parting or middle parting. Bangs are being worn in fringes, layers, as blunt cut bangs, and even chic and geek bangs are in.

The minimalist trend
Features hairstyles such as the double hair knot, a fantastic look that is easy to do. The double hair knot works with medium to long length hair. The look is sexy, perfect in a tousseled style for casual daytime activities, or swept up, sleek and sophisticated for evening events. Other popular hairstyles for the season include the Bird’s Nest Bun, Braided Top Knot, Half Up Bridget Bardot Hair, and Half Up Braided Hair.

The Bob
This ‘do is popular paired with fringe or bangs. Bobs are hot and can be styled short or longer. The waved Bob matches with fringe, making a striking look. The Bob works for career, casual, and evenings out, it’s a classic look that is easy to style. The best of the Bob is that is it easy to care for, always looks great, and fits great for all face shapes. Go retro with the continuing 1940’s hairstyles that are wavy and super feminine. Wear your wavy hairstyle below the shoulders with an off-center or side part. 


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