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Squeezing a workout into a hectic schedule can be a challenge, especially when you’re making the transition from gym to office, dinner or drinks. The solution? Pack a beauty bag filled with a few key products. Here’s how to take advantage of your post-workout glow”without the sweat factor”by freshening up with these beauty essentials: 

3-in-1 facial wipes 

It’s a hassle to tote around your cleanser, makeup remover, toner and moisturizer. Lighten your load with 3-in-1 facial wipes that cleanse, tone and moisturize. Since they’re disposable and come in compact, re-sealable packages, you won’t have to worry about bottles leaking. Bonus: you can leave your wash cloth and towel at home, too.  

Thermal water spray 

Short on time? Treat your skin to a refreshing thermal water spray that will soothe and cool your skin, especially those flushed cheeks. For best results, mist it across clean skin (after using the 3-1 facial wipes) and let it absorb; you can also use it to freshen up when you’re in a rush and don’t have time to shower. It will leave you feeling fresh and awake.  

Deodorant or antiperspirant

This is a total no-brainer”carrying a product to cut down on sweat (and stink!) is a must. Make sure to apply it both before and after your workout.  

Body wash 

Don’t fuss with a bar of soap”bring along a travel-sized body wash. Not only is body wash more hygienic, it also leaves your bod smelling fabulous. Look for one with added moisturizing properties, which will eliminate the need to bring a body lotion. Hey, we just saved you time in the change room and space in your gym bag.   

Perfume or body spray 

Fragrance is a must, especially if you plan to socialize after the gym. Opt for scents that are clean, light and fresh. Look for purse-sized versions of your signature scent or your favourite body spray.

Hair tools  

Without your usual styling products, brushes and irons on hand, it can be difficult to achieve the same look you would at home. So experiment! Bring along an array of hair elastics, clips and hairbands so you can try wearing your hair up or clipped back. If you’re short on space in your gym bag, invest in a mirror and brush duo compact.


If packing your entire makeup bag isn’t an option, then be sure to bring at least powder, mascara and lip gloss. Remember, you will have a beautiful post-workout glow, so don’t be concerned with piling on the bronzer, blush or heavy eye makeup.


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