Get the Perfect Sun-Kissed Look

Avoid looking like a cast member of Jersey Shore and get a believable sunless tan with these tips!

DON’T: just slap on the fake bake and expect bronze goddess results
Sunless tanning products have come a long, long way in recent years, but that doesn’t mean it’s quite as effortless as slathering on some body lotion.

DO: spend a little time preparing for a lot of golden payoff
The golden rule of self tanning: you must exfoliate first. Sloughing off the dead skin with a non-oily scrub will help your tan develop evenly and last much longer. To prevent thick-skinned elbows, knees and ankles from turning too dark, rub a generous amount of body lotion onto these areas before you apply the tanning product.

DON’T: shell out more for hyped up gradual tanning lotions
Sure, they’re all the rage, but in the end you’re getting less active ingredient for the same price.

DO: make your own customized gradual tanner
What these products truly are is lotion with a lower percentage of the active ingredient (DHA). Mix your own in a cinch by mixing your regular body cream or facial moisturizer with a deep-color self tanning lotion. That way you can customize just how dark you’ll get and how quickly “ a little tanner means a little glow, add more for a deeper tint.

DON’T: go for a one color head-to-toe glow
An even color may sound ideal, but turning a uniform shade of bronze looks faker than Pamela Andersons rack.

DO: look to natural tans for the most convincing effect!
If you look closely at your “ or anyone’s skin for that matter “ you’ll notice that the face and dé©colletage are naturally lighter than the rest of their body. This is because the delicate skin of face and chest produce less melanin than other areas. If your face is just as bronze as your legs it will look a bit amiss “ especially if you’re naturally fair. To get fake glow the way mother nature intended dilute your self tanner with a little lotion on the face and chest, making sure to blend well with the surrounding areas.

DON’T: let your faux glow go
It may seem like a lot of maintenance, but keeping a fake tan from fading requires a little extra effort.

DO: give your fake bake a little TLC for long lasting results!
No matter how great it may look on the first day, a fake tan can start to look down right ratty if you don’t take preventative measures. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to extend the life and improve the look of your tan. Make sure to keep skin well moisturized and if you notice patchiness or fading, apply a little lotion mixed with your self tanner to recolor the skin. Once you’re ready to go back to pale, or start anew with a fresh fake tan just exfoliate in the shower.

DON’T: overdo the fake bake
A little self tanner can convincingly imitate the effect of a quick tropical getaway, but too much will never make it look like you’ve spent weeks in the Bahamas.

DO: accept your natural colouring for the best tanning results!
If you’ve got fair skin, going more than a few shades darker is going to look downright horrible. The point of fake tanning is to get a fresh outdoorsy glow without the sun damage, not to transform yourself into Magda from Something About Mary! So easy does it with the sunless tanning products, you can gain all the gorgeous benefits of a faux tan while still respecting your natural skin tone. Beside,s nature really does know best.

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