Get Backstage Access to World MasterCard Fashion Week with Maybelline & Google Glass

You can be just as on-trend as a model that just stepped off the runway of this year’s World MasterCard Fashion week, and all it takes is the click of your mouse. Thanks to Official Makeup Sponsor Maybelline New York, you can gain VIP access to the backstage excitement through the innovative lens of Google Glass technology.

Lead Makeup Artist Grace Lee will be slipping on a pair of the digitally-connected lenses to showcase the top backstage beauty trends and “how-to’s” for the wider Canadian audience. Lee will be keying all 35 shows this season and thanks to Glass, will be able to provide exclusive backstage access to the Spring-Summer 2015 beauty trends for women everywhere.

This is a rare opportunity to benefit from the unique Glass perspective, since not only is this digital innovation a first for a large-scale fashion event in Canada, but the Glass technology itself isn’t available in Canada yet. You don’t need to worry about missing out on anything though, because staying up-to-date with the fashion week buzz is super easy! All you have to do is stay connected through the Maybelline New York official YouTube channel, which will be the primary source for Lee’s step-by-step makeup tutorials, beauty tips, and techniques, along with Maybelline’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds. The #MNYGlassPass hashtag is the one-stop-shop across social media for exclusive, minute-by-minute beauty content.

As Maybelline’s sixth sponsored season of World MasterCard Fashion Week commences, it’s a fitting time for the brand to introduce new technology that will distinguish this season from previous ones. “After five editions as Official Beauty Sponsor backstage in Toronto, we want to give Canadians a fresh point of view and insider access to the trends through the lens of our Lead Makeup Artist, Grace Lee” notes Maybelline spokesperson Katie Green. Glass makes it easy for Lee to provide this fresh point of view through the hands-free convenience and first-person perspective that the technology affords. Everything that Grace Lee demonstrates on the models can be easily recorded and shared while she wears Glass. For Lee, sharing her inspiring work will have never been easier, and it will never have been easier for the rest of us to follow along and try out her unique tips at home.

As Maybelline paves the way for World MasterCard Fashion Week, the tech-savvy beauty brand is partnering backstage with official hair sponsors Redken 5th Avenue. To stay up-to-date with the latest hair trends and techniques, be sure to follow @Redken_CAN on Twitter, Instagram & on Facebook

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