Fragrance Of The Month: Yves Saint Laurent Libre EDP

The French word libre means to be free in English. It also translates into open and available, making it the perfect name for a parfum worn by a woman needing a little space and still, wanting her share of attention. Only Yves Saint Laurent could pull this juxtaposition of emotions off and oh-so effortlessly with its latest olfactory creation, Libre.

The floral and botanical blend is wrapped in a layer of spice giving it an intimate sensuality that exudes power and strength, femininity and excitement. The eau opens with the tart, herbal and juicy notes of black currant, lavender, petitgrain and mandarin before seeping into a heady, sexy bouquet of jasmine, lavender and orange blossom. The finale is a combination of decadent Madagascar vanilla, warm cedar, lusty ambergris and soothing musk. The overall effect is intriguing, memorable and elusive.

Poured into a clear square glass flacon featuring the Parisian brand’s iconic Cassandre logotype nailed into the bottle in gold, the fragrance’s outward exterior symbolizes its intention to be spritzed by the woman who has everything and only wants the freedom to live her best life. Case in point, the bottle’s couture and angular black lacquered topper is wrapped with rows of sexy gold chains as if to say, this is who I am and I dare you to try and change me.

Yves Saint Laurent Libre, $125 for 50 ml, $168 for 90 ml, available at Sephora stores.

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