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When you’re running between work, appointments, dates, and drinks with the girls, the last thing you need is a beauty regimen that bogs you down. So if you can multi-task like a pro, why can’t your products? These new beauty offerings get the job done, double-time.

Slowpoke: Getting your hair dyed and highlighted separately.
Speedy solution:
We get it “ adding highlights to your already-coloured hair gives it a little extra life. But it takes forever, and costs a bundle, too. Some of the newest at-home hair colour formulas are designed to let you skip that second pesky step. Nice ‘n Easy permanent colours now have Colour Blend technology, which combines several natural shades together to give your hair some instant dimension (so none of that flat, 2-D colour that regular hair-dyers are often stuck with).

Slowpoke: Spending ages scrubbing away at your body to exfoliate it.
Speedy solution:
Forget about elbow grease. Exfoliating your body manually is too labour-intensive to go through every day. Plus, it usually leaves the bottom of your bathtub looking like a sandpit. Instead, opt for a body lotion with lactic acid or glycolic acid, like Neostrata Smoothing Body Lotion. These ingredients are chemical exfoliators, which means that all you have to do is rub them onto your skin and they take care of the rest. Goodbye dry, dead skin cells, hello smooth, moisturized skin.

Slowpoke: Fishing through your makeup bags to look for matching products.
Speedy solution:
On the craziest days, you have about 30 seconds flat to throw on a little makeup. The best way to shave some precious seconds off your time is to use a multi-tasking product. We like the Make Up Forever Aqua Cream products, especially the handy lip/cheek combos. Dab on one of these rosy shades for some quick colour and you’re halfway done your whole makeup routine.

Slowpoke: Attempting a salon manicure first thing in the morning.
Speedy solution:
Sometimes, bare nails just won’t do “ say you have to look particularly polished for a meeting, or your hands are just looking a little ragged. But who really has time first thing in the morning for the whole rigmarole of a base coat, two layers of polish, and a top coat? When you’ve only got a few minutes, save time with a handy nail polish pen, like the one from Nicole by OPI. Just choose a sheer shade that won’t show any little mistakes and won’t need a top coat. And you’re out the door.

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