Eyelash Extension Safety Tips

Eyelash extensions are the new fad these days and while they may look completely gorgeous, there are risk associated with them if not done properly. Learn more about how to arm yourself against the risks and get the best results possible.

1. Ask to See the Technician’s Certificate
In Canada, Mise-en-Cil is one of the best-known and trusted brands of eyelash extension products. If the technician is not certified by a recognizable entity such as this one, think twice about getting your lashes done there as they may be using products that have not been approved by Health Canada.

2. Beware of Low Prices
Eyelash extensions are definitely gorgeous but they can also be very pricey. If you find a salon willing to do them for a ridiculously low price, beware. Ask questions before making an appointment to make sure they are using glue and other products that have been approved by Health Canada and don’t be shy to ask how much experience the technician has before committing.  Remember, if something is too good to be true, it probably is.

3. Make Sure the Technician Doesn’t Stack
Eyelash extensions are pricey mostly because they take so long to apply. This is because the technician applies one individual last to each one of your lashes. In some cases, a technician may try to cut corners and apply more than one extension to one of your natural lashes. This can be very bad. It will be too heavy and result in your natural lash (along with the extension) falling out sooner than it should. Eventually, you will need to refill more often but if your natural lashes are falling out too soon, you won’t have lashes for the technician to apply extensions to.

4. Don’t Demand Longer Lashes than Recommended
A good technician will always advise you to go for lashes that will not be too heavy and will not damage your natural lash. With enough persistence, a technician may relent if you continuously ask for thicker or longer lashes. However, in the long run, this will only result in weaker natural lashes that will fall out sooner. Take the advice the technician suggests to be on the safe side.

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