The Dos and Don’ts of “No Makeup” Makeup

Nothing says autumn like a fresh, clean face, so with minimalism in mind for Fall 2011, we’ve taken a look at the no makeup makeup trend to help steer you clear of the look’s most common faux pas. Here’s how you can make no makeup makeup your own.

DO: Keep your basics
Regardless of whether you’re going gothic or glam, your foundation and concealer probably doesn’t change. So if you’re ready to attempt a look that’s prided on staying true to your natural beauty, why would you stray from what works with your skin tone? Thus, this is your opportunity to quality check: if your complexion has changed and no longer works with your existing makeup, it may be time for an overhaul. Otherwise, stick to your template and relish in saving those hard-earned dollars.

DON’T: Not wear makeup
It’s tempting to assume that no makeup makeup is code for don’t wear any makeup at all, but while many of us would love to leave the house with permission to show off those under-eye circles and way-too-often breakouts (at least speaking personally), the key to this beauty trend is still to wear makeup that brightens and enhances your skin. True, we’ve all worked hard to achieve that set of bags under our eyes, but to show them off might not work well under the office’s fluorescent lights.

DO: Use eye makeup
True, it’s a trick: no makeup makeup still requires a little eye enhancement, but instead of loading on the liner, the mascara and the eye shadow, opt for a fine, smudged liner at the lash line and then blend shadow that’s only a shade or two off from your natural complexion. The next thing to avoid is camouflaging lashes: despite mascara being the first thing we take off before heading to bed, without it, our eyes can lose themselves in the rest of our face. So even if you’re not inclined to don black or dark brown, consider a shade that will still accentuate your lashes and help your eyes pop.

DON’T: Go lip colour heavy
With such a focus on red lips and ˜90s grunge, it can be tempting to use lips as the focal point for a look that seems to lack one. However, this is the opportunity for your face (yes, the whole thing) to earn some much-needed attention and for your features to work together. That said, instead of opting for bold lip colour in the spirit of creating drama, opt for a tinted balm or dusty stain. That way, your lips won’t blend into the rest of your face, but you’ll still rock a hint of colour.


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