Brighten his Smile

If he’s reluctant to head to the dentist, these 5 steps are sure to make his pearly whites appear brighter.


Switch his toothpaste

If he’s still buying toothpaste for taste (bubblegum flavour, we’re looking at you) it’s time for a switch. Make him minty fresh with a mint-flavoured toothpaste, and try a whitening brand with baking soda for a naturally clean way to get his teeth looking whiter.


Be a show-off

In an attempt to spare his feelings, be subtle by making it known that you’re changing your habits. Tell him you got a great new electric toothbrush, and that you’re trying to floss daily (exciting, we know). As silly as it seems, if he sees that you’re making an attempt to improve your habits, he’ll likely follow suit.


Surprise him with a new shirt

And make sure it’s not bright white. The best tones for whiter-looking teeth are blues and reds. White shirts only make yellow teeth appear more yellow.  Whether it’s for his birthday or just a token of you appreciation, he’ll surely appreciate the gesture.


Give him a not-so-subtle nudge

Tell him you got some samples of teeth-whitening strips and ask if he wants to try them out. Whitening strips are a great way to improve the appearance of even the most yellow teeth. If he has sensitive teeth, go the natural route by suggesting he add baking soda to his dental care routine (mixed in with his toothpaste).


Drag him to the dreaded Dentist

If he really is dentist-shy, be genuine about it and present the facts: dental hygiene is just as important to your overall health as all other types of hygiene. A regular check-up at the dentist means cleaner teeth, a whiter-looking smile and a healthy mouth. If you can get him to go once, then he’ll likely see that it’s not so scary after all, and he’ll start to see that (once again) you were right!


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