The Best Halloween Makeup Looks on YouTube, From Creepy-Cool to All-Out Glam

If you’re a true makeup lover, you treat Halloween as an official holiday. Whether you’re looking for a costume idea or just creating a Halloween post for the ‘gram, scroll through for our favourite Halloween makeup looks inspired by some of the best beauty vloggers. From frightfully creepy to quirky-cool to glam, there’s sure to be a makeup look that’s calling your name.

Pennywise, by Alexandra Anele
It wouldn’t be Halloween 2017 without Stephen King’s IT. As this year’s top costume, we’ve seen countless Pennywise tutorials, but we love how Alexandra kept her look a bit feminine and badass.

Magical Unicorn, by Promise Phan
Love it or hate it, it’s fair to say the unicorn trend continues to be a big one in the makeup world this year. If you’re a fan, Halloween is the one day to seriously channel your inner unicorn without getting any weird stares. From what we’ve gathered, Promise’s easy tutorial is the most versatile, so you can also use the look for a fairy or mermaid costume.

Melting Makeup Skull, by Desi Perkins
We’re still not over Desi’s melting makeup skull! It’s the perfect compromise for when you can’t choose between spooky or glamorous. And we have much love for the ladies who aren’t afraid to look a little (or a lot!) scary every once in a while.

Wonder Woman, by Nikkie Tutorials
Pay homage to everyone’s favourite heroine this Halloween by recreating this Wonder Woman-inspired look. We’ll be seeing a lot Wonder Women this year, but we’re loving Nikki’s creative, pop-art twist!

Betty Boop, by Jessica Vil
You’ll need the perfect cherry-red lipstick to create this super-realistic Betty Boop look. To really nail the perfect retro comic character, Jessica Vil (Jbunzie) suggests using large green contacts to create the illusion of cartoon eyes.

Neon Skull, by James Charles
Show off your makeup skills and impress your friends this year with this Neon Skull look by our fave beauty boy vlogger James Charles. Not only is it different from your traditional Halloween skull, but you can use the palettes you already have at home to recreate this look.

Cleopatra, by iluvsarahii
If you’re looking for something classic and sexy, you can never go wrong with Cleopatra. Karen (iluvsarahii) creates this very wearable Cleopatra look consisting of gold lips, a dramatic cat eye, glitter and a touch of teal blue.

Daenerys Targaryen, by Carli Bybel
We bend the knee for this look! All things considered, this is one of the easier makeup looks to do, as it’s all about perfect skin and and bold brows. Carli Bybel (who, coincidentally, looks a lot like Khaleesi) shows us how you can instantly transform into the queen of dragons.

Bratz Doll, by Alissa Ashley
It’s been said that Bratz dolls have strangely predicted almost every beauty trend this year: Space buns, monochromatic makeup, overdrawn-lips and a floating crease. Alissa Ashley takes us back to the early 2000s with this super-accurate Bratz Doll Makeup look.

While we’re at it, we’re equally fond of Alissa’s Pop Art makeup look: because, with this face, who needs a costume? You’ll be a walking work of art.

Wednesday Addams, by Leigh Dickson
And last but not least, we couldn’t not give a shout-out to one of our favourite Canadian makeup artists, Leigh Dickson, who has been blowing up our Instagram feeds with her insanely good makeup skills, and she just launched a YouTube channel. We love her subtly sexy take on our the spooky Addams family daughter, Wednesday Addams, and we’re forever inspired by Leigh’s endless stream of creative and quirky-cool makeup transformations of everyone from Stranger Things’ Eleven to David Bowie.

Still looking for Halloween costume ideas? Check out our round-up of costume ideas for couples, from current to classic, many of which you can pull together with items from your closet! There’s also plenty of inspo if you’re going solo this season, too. 


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