The Best Bronzers for Spring 2012

As the weather begins to warm, pale complexions and rosy cheeks quickly become a look of the past. But the subtle transition between seasons means a tweak in cosmetics can be minimal, too. With a new line of bronzers being introduced this season, there are multiple ways to achieve a natural looking faux glow ” without basking in sunlight (and damaging your skin in the process.) Here, we introduce the finest bronzers of Spring 2012: 

1. Benefit Cosmetics Sun Beam bronzer, $26. Available at Sephora.
Calling all Benefit fanatics: not only is this one of Benefit’s newest products, but it falls hand-in-hand with their sought-after Highbeam and Moonbeam highlighters. The Sun Beam product comes in a cylinder-shaped bottle, resembling that of a nail polish tube. When you remove the cap, dot the bronzer over makeup onto the brow and cheekbone areas, and blend. Since the bronzer is in liquid form, it produces a natural glow to suit all skin tones. In other words: one shade suits all.
Benefit Cosmetic's Sun Beam bronzer

2. bareMinerals READYâ„¢ Bronzer, $24. Available at Sephora.
Call it cosmetic irony ” not only will this bronzer give you a faux glow, but it contains anti-aging benefits. It’s safe to say a sun-kissed glow is best achieved when removed from sunlight. This bareMineral’s product has been naturally formulated, and is rich in antioxidants and carrot oil. The bronzer revitalizes the skin and can last for about eight hours. It comes in three sun lovin’ shades to adapt to all skin tones. Turns out tanning can be good for you, after all.
bareMinerals READYâ„¢ Bronzer

3. Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker pH Powered Bronzer, $15. Available at Shoppers Drug Mart.
Whether it be concealer or bronzer, it’s often challenging to find a tint that suits your skin tone, no matter the number of shades that exist. Physicians Formula has created a bronzer to end this makeup conundrum once and for all. This revolutionary bronzer has a pH powder complex, that will actually adapt to your skin tone. With a fluorescein based dye, the bronzer can sense the pH level of your skin, while specific powders adjust the light pigments so you can look flawless in every form of lighting. Within 60 seconds, you’ll achieve a flawless bronze glow that looks positively unintended.
Physicians Formula pH Powered Bronzer 

4. Givenchy’s Poudre Croisié¨re Healthy Glow Powder, $50. Available at Sephora.
Okay, we know this product is steeper in price, but when in search of a quality bronzer, this Givenchy product is worth the investment. With a smooth and easy-to-blend consistency, this bronzer guarantees a weightless finish (caked makeup and unsightly marks will be hard to come by.) Since the product is gentle on the skin, it will not irritate, especially when spending time outdoors. Each of the four shades provide a subtle, healthy glow that will wake up your features. It’s the perfect season-to-season transition bronzer.
Givenchy's Poudre Croisié¨re Healthy Glow Powder 


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