Best Bangs for Your Hair Type

Cutting forehead fringes is a bold move, and with so many varieties of bangs to choose from, it can get intimidating trying to figure out which variation works best for you.

These bang hairstyles are the go-to options. See if they’re right for you:

Blunt Bangs
Worn just below the eyebrow, cut straight across from side to side. This look is the simplest, yet also the boldest. These can work on pretty much anyone, but they can bring attention to your nose if you let them grow too long past your eyebrows; if that’s not something you want to bring attention to, make sure to keep your tresses at bay by trimming them regularly (you can do them yourself with a small pair of nail scissors).

Side Swept Bangs
The hair tapers from shorter to longer lengths from a side part with the hair brushed to sweep across the forehead. This looks great on thin, straight hair because it adds a bit of dimension, especially if your hair typically falls flat. This look is great for the girly girl who doesn’t mind putting in a couple of extra minutes in the morning to blow-dry and side-sweep. This look is also great for square-shaped faces as it softens the sharp angles.

Parted Bangs 
Like blunt bangs, yet they part slightly in the middle or a bit to the side. This is for someone who likes to stand out from the crowd. This looks best if the hair has a slight curve to it. Not for those who get greasy easily because then it will look like one of those unintentional grease-parts (and no one likes those).

Choppy Bangs
Like alternate long and short pieces for that ultimate texturized look. It can look funkier than blunt bangs if you really texturize a lot, or softer than blunt bangs with just a slightly texturized edge.

Asymmetrical Bangs 
Either one side is a lot shorter than the other side, or the middle is a lot shorter than either side. The former is not the best look for along face because it will elongate your face even more, but the latter is actually great for a longer face; blunt, brow-hugging bangs with graduated layers that get longer on the sides give the impression of a more oval face.

Short Bangs
Any length above the eyebrows, ranging from just above the eyebrows, to one-inch bangs. This is for those who like the vintage look (think horn-rimmed glasses and tea-length a-line dress). Not recommended for those who are self-conscious about a large forehead.

General rule
If you don’t have naturally straight hair, bangs add a little bit of maintenance to your routine because the style looks best when sleek with no frizz. If you have unruly, wavy or curly hair, it doesn’t mean bangs won’t look awesome, it just means you need a little more commitment.


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