Beauty Trend: Orange Makeup for Lips, Eyes and Cheeks

Summer demands a splash of colour and although orange might not immediately come to mind for makeup, this juicy hue is meant to be crushed on. Orange has appeared on the runway, but often it’s difficult to figure out how to translate those trends into something wearable every day. Be sure to pick one feature to focus on so that you don’t risk looking like a life-jacket.

Despite the fact that orange doesn’t rhyme with any other word, orange is a very versatile colour that works with any skin tone. If you’re fair, stick to burnt orange or pumpkin hues. For the ladies with darker or olive skin, something bold and bright is sure to succeed.


Because orange and blue are complimentary colours on the colour wheel, blue-eyed beauties can expect that orange is going to make baby-blues pop. A hint of colour on the inner crease of the eye plays it safe, or amp up the drama with a smokey eye done in orange. Lips should stay understated to keep the focus on the eyes.


Orange cheeks warm up your complexion. Pretty melon is perfect for fair-skinned girls. Medium to dark skin tones can brighten up with mandarin or papaya.


Makeup artist Pati Dubroff talked to Vogue when it came to lips: “Orange is a punchy pop of color, but if you’re nervous about going full pigment, you can always try a sheer stain or a mellowed-out gloss first.” Neon hues help attain perfection for cool complexions, while more golden or burnt hues will win over warmer skin. Orange is a great alternative to the classic red lip.


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