The Beauty Products That Are Definitely Worth It

We all like a bargain, and with some beauty products (lipgloss, hairspray, simple gel cleansers), a girl can get away with scrimping a little. But trust us, some products earn their keep. So next time you get a beauty shopping itch that needs to be scratched, put your money to good use with these tried and tested beauty success stories.

Face Moisturizer
We’re talking about something you put all over your face “ twice a day or more. So make sure you use something that’s tailored to your skin type, with ingredients that have been proven to work (like hyaluronic acid for dry skin, or concentrated Vitamin C for uneven pigmentation). And there are boundless options out there, so if you’re not 100 percent happy with what you’ve got, it’s worth looking around for something better.

Hair Appliances
If there’s any doubt that high-end blowdryers and straighteners don’t make a difference, just try borrowing a friend’s and using it on one half of your head. Chances are, it’ll be sleek and shiny “ and the half you used the regular appliances on will look dull and frizzy by comparison. The more expensive tools tend to have more wattage behind them, and they’re made with better materials. Plus, the better-quality blowdryers tend to be lighter, which is good news for your aching wrists.

To the uninitiated, primer might just seem like a needless extra step in an already overlong beauty routine. But try it and you’ll see that suddenly your foundation and concealer are finally doing what they’re supposed to “ providing smooth, even coverage that lasts. You’ll even find that you need less makeup to get the job done, which is good news for your skin and will ultimately save you a few bucks on makeup, too.

When you’re really going for a statement-making shade, it’s best to invest in a high-quality product. First of all, the colour pigment will be more concentrated, so if you’re going for a trendy shade of hot pink or a vavavoom red, you’ll actually get a fashion-mag-worthy true colour, not some watered-down imitation. Secondly, it’s important to find the perfect texture “ too matte and your lips might dry out, too moisturizing and you might find that you lose your colour along with your first glass of vino.

Too many beauty junkies (who really should know better!) are happy to spend hundreds on their favourite beauty splurges, but still insist on cheaping out when it comes to what they use to apply these precious products. So invest in a few basic brushes that are made for applying specific items “ blush, powder, concealer, eyeliner, eye-shadow, lipstick “ and even your cheapest makeup will look expensive. And for goodness sake, stop using those little foam applicators that come in the compact.



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