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Moisturizers are the unsung heroes in our beauty routines. But the true test of a good moisturizer comes in the winter months, when we can’t seem to slather on enough creams and lotions to keep our skin hydrated throughout the day. But the NEUTROGENA® Hydro Boost line of skincare products just might fit the bill, as they’re formulated with hyaluronic acid to draw moisture into skin and lock it in. So, we enlisted our Beauty Panel to test drive the Hydro Boost lineup to see if it lives up to its glowy skin promises. Read on to see our reviews.

Elise Purdon, blogger at A Piece of Elise
I’m obsessed with hyaluronic acid, so was excited to try the Neutrogena® Hydro Boost regimen because it’s built upon the skincare secret that I love. The Hydrating Cleansing Gel washed my face without leaving that dry, tight feeling that occurs from most cleansers. The Hydrating Serum absorbed quickly and had that wonderful plumping effect of hyaluronic acid. The Gel Cream is my personal favourite in that the calming gel formula reduces redness (caused by dryness) on my face and truly hydrates throughout the day. It feels like water, but stays put instead of drying away. Aside from that, the Hydro Boost line left my skin with less redness, plumped and nicely hydrated. Win!

Samantha Murphy, beauty blogger, YouTuber
The Neutrogena® Hydro Boost line is just what my oily but dehydrated skin needed. Although my skin produces a lot of oil I need to counter that with hydration. If my skin continues to be stripped by harsh products it over produces oil. It can be really hard to find that balance! My Neutrogena® Hydro Boost regimen was incredibly lightweight but gave my skin the hydration it needed. The line includes hyaluronic acid which is something my skin always appreciates. All of the products absorb quickly under makeup and don’t feel heavy or greasy. My top pick would be the Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Gel Cream, I use it both day and night — the cooling sensation feels amazing!

Kristen Vinakmens, Editor-in-Chief,
Even though my skin is oily/combination, it gets easily dehydrated in the winter, what with central heating and chilly winds sapping my skin of moisture. That said, I’ve been singing the praises of hyaluronic acid (HA) ever since I discovered it about a year ago; it’s the hero ingredient in my winter skincare routine since it acts like a sponge to draw moisture from the air and deliver it into skin. As a fan of the Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Gel Cream, I was thrilled to find out they’ve expanded the line of products, which are infused with purified, skin-plumping hyaluronic acid. The soap-free Hydro Boost Hydrating Cleansing Gel is a totally effective but gentle cleanser that removes makeup and impurities without stripping moisture (in fact, it leaves my skin feeling nourished). The Hydro Boost Hydrating Serum is a joy to use as it sinks right into skin, leaving it feeling and looking soft, radiant and intensely moisturized (and makes my pores look amazingly less visible!). When I layer the serum underneath the Hydro Boost Gel Cream (morning and night), winter doesn’t stand a chance against my super-hydrated complexion.

Gracie Carroll, fashion and lifestyle blogger
My biggest skin concern is always hydration and I’m constantly looking for products that will help provide the moisture my skin craves. This obviously is intensified during the winter months, and when I spend time in the heat. I brought the Neutrogena® Hydro Boost skincare range with me to a trip down to the Dominican Republic and loved that it provided a complete skincare routine, and helped keep my skin feeling hydrated, moist and happy, so that I could avoid feeling like a piece of leather, even while actively enjoying time in the sun. The best part is that these products are oil-free and don’t contain alcohol, so they don’t dry out your skin, but still absorb super fast.

Dee Thomson, Liner Glitter Gloss
The past few weeks of cold, dry weather have not been easy on my skin. It’s been dull, dry and I’ve had a few troublesome flaky patches that have really made applying makeup difficult. The Neutrogena® Hydro Boost line has really helped to make a difference in a very short time. I’ve been loving the Exfoliating Cleanser which has helped to make a great improvement in my skin’s texture. I’ve also been using the Hydrating Serum and Gel Cream in tandem to give my skin the moisture boost it needs. They’ve given me my glow back and I love how light they feel on my skin even though they’re deeply hydrating.

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  1. Avatar
    • Sonya
    • December 20, 2017

    I like the Neutrogena HydroBoost Gel but I find it’s not moisturizing enough during the cold winter months for my combination skin. It’s a real winner for me in the summer!

    1. Avatar
      • Kristen Vinakmens
      • December 21, 2017

      Hi Sonya – Have you tried the HydroBoost Gel Cream for Extra Dry Cream? I also love the HydroBoost Serum and find that layering it with the gel cream gives an extra dose of hydration (and I can never have enough moisture at this time of year!) 🙂

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