Beauty Panel: Maybelline Master Camo Colour Correcting Kit

Getting that flawless Insta-ready complexion doesn’t have to be a 10-step process that ends with a filter. Maybelline’s new FaceStudio Master Camo Colour Correcting Kit takes the guesswork out of colour correction and concealing, whether you’re looking to nix redness, dark circles or a dull complexion. Available in three shades”light, medium and dark”each palette comes with six colour correcting, concealing and highlighting shades to cover up what you don’t want and to help you flaunt what you do want. What does our Beauty Panel think? Read on to find out.

Ashley Kowalewski-Pizzi, managing editor of 29Secrets

For as long as I can remember, my skin has always had just a bit too much red in it. And while it’s been something that I’ve struggled to conceal for the better part of my teenage and adult life (hence my ongoing struggle to find the perfect foundation), colour correction is still a fairly new concept to me. Add to the fact that I have under-eye circles that never seem to fade, and I’m probably a textbook subject for colour correction and concealing.

Since time is of the essence for me in the morning (gotta sneak in every extra moment of sleep I can and so continues my obsession with dry shampoo), having a one-stop-shop of a palette like Master Camo makes correcting and concealing a breeze. Using the lightest shade option, I cover up any lingering redness with green and neutralize those dark areas with the peach. While my foundation can usually cover up the colour correction, there are days where concealer is an absolute must. One thing I won’t skip out on though? The highlighter that’s included to brighten up my inner eye area and to add that I’m wide awake”promise appeal to my complexion. Done and done.

Gracie Carroll, fashion and lifestyle blogger

I must admit that having the compact Master Camo Colour Correcting Kit in my makeup bag when travelling really came in handy, especially when trying to hide my breakouts (from indulging in too much cheese and chocolate in Italy) before my best friend’s wedding. The green really helped reduce the redness on my face, while the yellow helped brighten and conceal dark circles under my eyes. I was impressed that this product was super easy to apply and blend with my fingertips. It also feels very light and didn’t make me feel like I had heavy makeup on once I applied my liquid foundation on top.

Anne T. Donahue, writer/person

I’ve been at peace with the circles under my eyes since I was 24 and realized no amount of napping would take them away. Which is fine: they’re a badge of honour. But that being said, I’m not going to cry if I can conceal them for a minute, so enter: Master Camo, an all-in-one-colour correcting kit I tried on a morning when I looked especially deceased.

To be honest, I’m a lazy person so the idea of navigating a full spectrum of camouflage colours made me want to curl up and die. But Master Camo demystified the colour-correcting process by straight-up saying exactly what went where and what each colour did. It neutralized tone issues (of which there are many), concealed my godforsaken under-eye circles, and highlighted accordingly. And all in my freakishly pale skin face: turns out Maybelline is the only brand to offer kits for different skin tones, which I think is dope. There isn’t just one skin tone, other brands! Get it together!

Nicole Carrington, influencer specialist

Alright, first thing’s first: my bare face is¦ a lot. And I don’t mean that in a boohoo-I’m-not-Beyoncé© kind of way, I simply mean that there are certain elements to deal with. Between hyperpigmentation, acne scarring and dark circles (the latter a fun new arrival ahead of my thirtieth birthday “ don’t worry, youngens, your time will come), finding a concealer, foundation, whatever that can provide adequate coverage without me having to break out the spackle is. a. task.

All of that to say, believe me when I tell you that Maybelline’s Master Camo kit is a Godsend. For real. The palette comes separated into three hella convenient sections: one specific to colour correction (in my case, yellow and orange), the second for concealing and the third to highlight.

The kit’s orange colour corrector is my new absolute go-to, helping to even out old acne scars and other darkened areas on my skin, so that when I top it with my fave foundation (Maybelline’s Dream Velvet, ATM) everything is #flawless. Pro tip: I love applying the corrector under my eyes followed by the pan’s concealer and highlight to achieve the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed look that I lost some time around my 25th year.

Sara Koonar, influencer and owner of Platform Media

I’ve just ventured into the world of colour correcting in an effort to not look tired (I am really tired, folks). If I don’t get my eight hours of beauty sleep I wake up with the worst dark circles. And all day I have to hear people ask, “Are you okay?” Thus, I went out to find a solution. I actually came across Maybelline’s Master Camo at the very moment 29Secrets asked me to be a part of this panel. Fate? Might be! I gave the medium palette a test drive and I really liked the apricot correcting shade as it masked the purple-y dark tones under my eyes. I used the yellow corrector for red spots and then added the concealing shades over top to make them completely vanish. A touch of the highlighter on my cheek and brow bones finished my look. For the price point you are getting six (!!!) products that cover imperfections and give you that flawless finish we all want. It’s easy for anyone to use; no makeup skills needed. I applied with my fingertips, but the applicator brush works well too!

Maybelline FaceStudio Master Camo Colour Correcting Kit ($15, available at mass drugstores)

This post was brought to you by Maybelline but the opinions and images are our own

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