Summer Beauty Hacks to Beat The Heat & Look HOT

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Temperatures are (finally) rising, and while we’re more than stoked to start lounging pool-/dockside, we’re not so excited for the unique beauty challenges that come with summer’s heat. These beauty hacks will have you feeling great during those days in the sun so you can focus on enjoying the beach (and the hot lifeguards).

  • Dealing with orange streaks? Fix a self tanning mishap with something you most likely have sitting in your fridge at home–baking soda. Combine baking soda and water in a bowl, and use a loofah to scrub the mixture onto any streaky areas to soften the faux tan and blend to a more natural look.
  • Spending your days by the water? Of course, even when we’re careful with sun exposure, sometimes we slip up and end up with a burn. Treat a sunburn with frozen aloe vera cubes made ahead of time. The cool aloe will help to soothe the sunburn, making dealing with it just a little bit easier. As an added bonus, these can minimize the itchiness of pesky mosquito bites.
  • There’s nothing worse than getting ready to head to the beach and realizing you’re dealing with a little razor burn along your bikini line. For a fast razor burn fix, throw damp chamomile tea bags in the fridge or freezer to cool down then hold on the affected area for 15 minutes to calm the redness & bumps.
  • Dewy, glowy skin looks gorgeous in the summer; raccoon eyes, not so much. Avoid makeup meltdowns during pool parties by skipping the mascara and applying a little Vaseline to your lashes. It helps to darken and thicken them without any worrisome fallout.
  • Ready to meet your new best friend during the sweatier days? Baby powder is your summer saviour. In a pinch, it acts as dry shampoo when sprinkled along your roots, makes sand removal even easier (pat it onto your skin and watch the sand wipe right off) and prevents chafing when the humidity hits. Keep a small container in your purse for little emergencies on the go.

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