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In addition to shovelling driveways, donning parkas and avoiding the dreaded ice-inflicted injury, winter also introduces the joy of dry skin: the harsh reminder that the combination of windchill, winds and even sunny days will wreak havoc on your face, hands and anything not protected. But don’t worry “ we’ve got you covered (literally). Here’s our guide to beating dry skin so that winter’s got one less grip on your daily routine.

This may seem like common sense, but if you’re running late and hope to make it into work on time, the last thing you’re going to think about is moisture. Though applying product (like body butter or creams) to your skin after you shower is best, if you can’t stray from your 15-minute morning routine, pick up some smaller items you can throw in your bag and apply as the day goes on. This doesn’t mean you have to go all out (on behalf of everyone, do not take off your tights and moisturize your legs at work), but after pumping gas, grabbing coffee or washing your hands, you can keep your hands soft and smooth by avoiding the horrors of all things chapped.

You may not be basking on a beach, but the UV is still quite powerful this time of year despite the less-than-stellar temperatures. While you don’t necessarily have to pick up Coppertone and Banana Boat (though sunscreen is something you should actually be applying throughout the year), a facial moisturizer with added SPF is crucial in beating both dry skin and sun damage. Clinique, The Body Shop and Mac all boast light moisturizer with added sun protection, so not only are you avoiding the dried out leather look, you’re avoiding the long-term effects of too much sunshine-y exposure.

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You may have stamina when it comes to braving the cold, but by not wearing gloves, you’re not only going to experience the joys of cold hands, you’re setting them up for a dry, chapped future. Winter’s winds and plummeting temperatures kill plants, send animals into hibernation and freeze water “ your skin isn’t as immune as you’d like it to be and there’s no reason not to keep a pair of gloves or mittens in the car or in your bag. To keep your skin feeling silky, apply body butter to the tops of your hands before putting your gloves on, letting the moisturizer do its thing when you’re heading to work, and preventing the wrinkled and chapped effect that January boasts.

We’ve all hit the point where our lack of winter accessories and inconsistency with moisturizing have led to us hiding hands in our pockets and applying product in hopes of reversing the damage of perpetual dryness. And while your favourite moisturizer may do the job, if you’re going to combat winter-inflicted misery every day, there’s only so much exposure your body can take before your skin becomes dehydrated, flaky and cracked. A preventative regimen doesn’t need to take up time “ just make sure to moisturize throughout the day, wear gloves and avoid harsh soaps “ it’s less life changes and more lifestyle choices.

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