Ban-the-blowdryer styles

Summer can be a tricky time for hair “ it turns into a giant frizzball, falls sadly flat, or improbably, does some combination of the two. But why spend your time battling heat and humidity when you could be having fun? Instead, embrace the chance to try these simple styles.

Top knot

Ponies and plaits are all well and good for holidays and patio brunches, but what about when you really want to look put together? This is when you turn to another deceptively simple style “ a bun right on the top of your head. Add some texture to your mane with some mousse and pull your hair up into the highest ponytail you can manage. Secure with an elastic band and then simultaneously twist and wrap your hair around in a circle. Keep it in place with bobby pins and lots of hair spray.

Side braid

Whoever thought there could be an even easier way to look casually pretty than the ponytail? The beauty of the side braid is that it’s meant to be slightly messy and imperfect, so you won’t need to be craning to see the back of your head with a mirror or trying to tackle that one piece of hair that won’t cooperate. Make a side part and braid in the direction of the side with more hair. Aim to get the braid to go over one shoulder and plait hair loosely for that carefree look. Hint: this style is especially easy to master on second-day hair, so it’s a snap for vacations and cottage weekends.

Slicked back

If you prefer to wear your hair down, this is the best way to keep it out of your face and still look polished. When your hair is still wet, slick it straight back over your crown with a generous dollop of gel (or mousse, which will get you the smooth effect without the wet-look shine). We suggest trying it at home once first to experiment with the amount of product you want to use. This look is also perfect for short-cropped gals.

Hippie hair

If you’ve got long tresses, a plain centre part will give you a sweet 70s vibe (and more importantly, make it look like your hair is slightly messy on purpose). If you’ve got some natural wave, let your hair air-dry and just add a bit of serum to fight frizz. You can also use texturizing spray on dry strands to get some natural-looking control. And if you’re still struggling with unruly hair, get it partly out of the way by adding one or two small french braids at your hairline.



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    • Anonymous
    • January 1, 1970
    i love how these articles don’t include any pictures.
  2. Avatar
    • Anonymous
    • January 1, 1970
    i love how these articles don’t include any pictures.

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