Are You Colour-Correcting Correctly?

Colour correcting is not a new concept, but the bottom line is that many women aren’t doing colour correction properly”or even at all. The best part? Maybelline takes the guesswork out of it. For those of us out there that do their makeup every day but still manage to be novices when it comes to really applying makeup, this drugstore brand makes things super-easy. And, in this case with the new Maybelline FaceStudio Master Camo Colour Correcting Kit, colour correcting and concealing blemishes is easier than ever.

While colour correction really comes down to colour theory, a lot of time people are using the wrong products for their skin tone. The FaceStudio Master Camo Colour Correcting Kit comes in three skin tone options”light, medium and dark”so that you’re using the right shade for you. In each palette comes six shades”two each for colour correcting, concealer and highlighter”so that you can blend to suit your needs, making it a completely customizable palette.
The rule of thumb is always to correct and then conceal, because you may find that after colour correcting, you don’t actually need concealer or even foundation. (Sadly, I do not find myself in this group.) Colour correction can do wonders for neutralizing redness, brightening your complexion and evening out the skin tone (plus dealing with those under eye circles that popped up around 25 and just haven’t left).

To really bring your complexion to life, each palette also includes two highlighting shades that you can either use solo or blended together for a custom mixture. Dab some into the inner corners of your eyes, on the high planes of your face and under your brows for a wide-awake appeal that adds some lightness and brightness to your look.

This post was brought to you by Maybelline.

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