6 Products to Bring on Your Next Long-Haul Flight

Summer travel is the best, but getting there isn't always as fun. If you're going to be on an airplane for at least five hours, make it worth your while and get some beauty goodness in between single servings of pretzels. As I prepare for my own 15-hour flight (yup, 15), I've rounded up six products that I'll be packing with me”and don't worry, these are all flight-friendly travel-sized option to keep your bag light and your butt out of a security search. Oh, but don't forget to toss your toothbrush and a bathing suit in your carry-on”I won't make that mistake again.

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Facial water

ole henriksen truth facial water

Before you get ready to de-plane, if you’re still groggy from the flight, give your visage a little mist with a facial water. Our pick: Ole Henriksen Truth Facial Water ($28). It boasts a blend of orange and mandarin oils, red and green tea and pomegranate extracts for a vitamin C-packed spritz that will even out skin tone and brighten your complexion while the sweet citrusy scent will give your mood an instant boost. 

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