6 Makeup Brushes Every Woman Should Use

If professional makeup brushes have got you scratching your head, you’re not alone. Loads of women are still unsure what to do with so many essential makeup brushes. Find out how these pro brushes can change your routine and make your makeup look even better!


1. The Angled Brow Brush

This brush is so underrated simply because not many people know how to use it. But once you discover the beauty of it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. This brush is amazing for applying eyeliner! Yes, powder and gel liners are so easily applied with this brush. It hugs the brow line and because of it’s thin, angle edge, it sweeps perfectly across the lid and creates one mean cat-eye effect! You can also use if as a brow brush. Apply the shadow of your choice (ideally one that matches your natural brow colour) and dust it across the brows. This will fill in the gaps and give the brows a very defined look.

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2. The Shader Brush

This brush is ideal for applying eyeshadow both to the eyelid and brow bone. Its dual-purpose nature is definitely what makes it an essential for every gal who applies eyeshadow. You can opt for a large shader if you have a wide eyelid, or a smaller one if it fits better. Either way, the long, flat nature of this brush allow for maximum coverage and even application.

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3. The Tapered Blending Brush or Crease Brush

Different brands may give it slightly different names but the concept is exactly the same. It’s a brush with long, flexible, and super soft bristles that glide effortlessly across the crease of the eye. It’s usually used for applying darker shades. It can stretch a little powder a long way and more importantly, it will give the eyes a very smooth, blended effect. With minimal effort, you can have a makeup artist-worthy look.

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4. The Large Powder Brush

This soft, bushy brush is ideal for applying all-over face powder. If you want to apply a setting powder or foundation, this brush is essential. It allows you to spread powder more evenly than a cosmetic pad does, and it gives the product a lighter finish. It will also make your skin appear flawless.

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5. The Foundation Brush

Despite it’s name, this brush is good for more than just foundation. Yes, it’s amazing at spreading liquid foundations evenly, but it’s even more useful for cream blush users. This often overlooked used for this brush is key for shaping and sculpting the cheekbones with cream blush. It allows for precise application and just enough smudging.

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6. The Fan Brush

This one is perhaps one of the most confusing of all to many makeup users, but it’s actually a must-have. It works great at lightly dusting the edges of your makeup to create a more natural blend. If your blush, bronzer and concealer aren’t blending, a few sweeps of this fan brush will help smooth over the rough edges and give your skin a flawless finish. It’s also excellent for sweeping away loose powders and eye shadows that have accidentally fallen around the eye area. A gentle sweep can remove excess powders without ruining your whole look.

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