5 Ways to Beat Frizz

It’s finally warm enough to hit the beach or spend Saturday afternoon on a patio. Your outfit is perfect, and you’re sporting a sexy pair of sandals, but one glance at the mirror and you notice that your hair has turned into a lion mane. Unless you’re going for the Carrie Bradshaw do, frizz is definitely not welcome. Here are five tips to keep your hair from frizzing out.

Blow Dry

While there are many benefits to air-drying, if you have wavy hair, it’s a good idea to let your hair air dry half way, and blast it with some warm air to smooth down flyaways and finish your style. Use a wide paddle brush to get a sleek ‘do. If you still find you have frizz, consider investing in a blowdryer with tourmaline technology and high wattage, to dry your hair faster and with less damage. The T3 Featherweight is a popular model and claims to reduce frizz.

Heat Protect Spray

Always, always use a heat protector, especially if you’re blow-drying or using hot tools. You can even use a thermal protector spray as a lightweight product to keep your strands sleek and shiny.

Skip towel-dry time

It’s almost instinctual to get out of the shower and rub your hair dry with a towel, but what you’re actually doing is creating kinks in your hair shaft, which can make for frizz when your hair dries. Avoid also wringing your hair out for the same reason. Terry cloth towels can also augment frizz, so look for a microfibre wrap or towel to sop up soaking wet hair.


While you might think dry hair is a winter problem, spending too much in the sun, or swimming in saltwater can make your strands dry as well. Use a moisturizing shampoo to beat the cycle, and always, always condition or use your favourite hair mask.

Morrocan Oil

It’s been around for a few years now, but this lightweight product made of Argan oil is a mainstay. Perfect for people with medium or wavy hair, use a dime-sized amount of the product, and work it into your hair, starting at the ends. Finish your style by blow-drying it straight for a sleek look.

While it might be impossible to avoid humid locations (especially when it gets hot in the city), it’s also a good investment to get a dehumidifier in your house so that the frizz doesn’t start before you leave your door. 

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