5 Summer Nail Colours We Love

Pastel and nude shades ruled the spring runways, but this summer is all about adding colour, colour and more colour. So have fun with hues and don't be afraid to amp up brightness with these shades. 
Stand Out in Orange
Summer demands that special splash of colour, so why not try not that juicy orange hue. Even though it may not be your usual go-to, take a risk and be versitile! It's important to find that perfect orange that is bright rather than looking dull or washed out. It's a bright and outstanding colour that will transform your summer wardrobe to the next level and will work with every skin tone. 
Praise the Pinks
Pink isn't just a colour–it's an attitude.  It's that classic colour you can carry with you into any season. This summer get ready to turn it up a notch and paint on the pinks, creating a chic and on-trend vibe from your wardrobe down to your perfectly manicured tips. Try mixing and matching different pinks to get that perfectly manicured summer look. 
Go Green 
If you can add some green to your beauty regimen, you can certainly add some to your nails. Let yourself in on some of the magic and try something new with extravagant greens and teals that will bring an urban jungle feel to your polished look. From street lights to pillar lights this colour is sure to blend perfectly with your summer wardrobe while creating a powerful and adventurous look. 
Kick Those Winter Blues 
Take a walk on the beach and under the clouds with blues that will sparkle under the sun and in the clear blue water. Blues carry that deep, piercing colour, but try kicking it up this summer by enhancing the pale and soft blues to cobalt and electric blues. Remember it's all about bright colours, so stick to it by kicking those winter blues. 
Starlit Whites  
Shine bright under the stars with white polished nails that will sparkle and shine, giving you a summer glow. Although you might think white is not the brightest of shades, you'll want to keep it around for mixing and matching with other colours. Besides, white is a necessary staple every girl should have.  

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