5 Skincare Habits to Break This Winter

If you’re no stranger to chapped lips, lizard-skin hands and Vaseline addictions come winter, make this year the year you pay special attention to your skin. The largest organ in your body requires extra TLC in the cold months. Don’t neglect it – it’s the only place you’ve got to live!
Biking without protection 
Cyclists know how chapped your knuckles and lips get when biking in the winter. The wind can really beat down those exposed parts. Before your knuckles start cracking apart, invest in a good pair of gloves and don’t forget them! Use a heavier cream on your face before you head out, and think of it as an extra layer of protection. 
Not moisturizing after the shower
A long hot shower feels so right in winter, but it can be terrible for your skin if you don‘t moisturize. If you only moisturize once per day, make it after your shower when your skin is still damp and moisture can get locked in. Go for a pure formula that’s free of mineral oil, petroleum, or funky fragrances. 
Not drinking enough water
You may not be conscious of sweating as much in the winter as you do in the summer, but we actually get more dehydrated in the winter. Aside from daily activities from walking to work to shovelling your driveway, factors like cold, dry air, wind chill, even shivering can contribute to dehydration. Start your morning with a few glasses of hot water with lemon. 
Forgetting about sunscreen
Frigid weather doesn’t mean the sun’s rays are on vacation. Neither does being swathed in sweaters and knit socks. The glare of the sun off white snow can be intense – especially for your face, which is still going to be exposed. If you’re into winter sports, make sure your face has a good coat of quality sunscreen on it before you head out. 
Becoming a Vaseline junkie
Lips get super chapped in the winter, and getting hooked on lip balm is pretty much inevitable. Products that contain petroleum, although they’re going to be among the first you grab on the drugstore shelf, aren’t the top-quality stuff you should be slathering on your lips. Petroleum, an oil by product, forms a seal over the skin, trapping in toxins and preventing moisture from actually sinking in. Instead, look for lip balms that are hempseed, coconut, or almond oil based. 

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