5 Hot New Eyelash Treatments

It’s a big year for eyelash treatments. With advances in cosmetic industry consistently evolving, it’s no wonder that eyelash treatments continue to rank high on the list of must-try trends. So to make the quest less difficult, we researched five hot new eyelash treatments and what they entail. Just remember not to try them at once.

1. Extensions
Often semi-permanent and made from synthetic fibers, eyelash extensions are a must-do in the celebrity world and involve a procedure that sees the extensions attached individually to your lashes for added volume and length. Since eyelashes fall out every 60-90 days, you’ll need to attend to this particular eyelash treatment on the regular, but it could work provided you don’t mind being patient throughout the appointment.

2. Lash dipping
You may be able to scrap the mascara when it comes to this particular eyelash treatment. Promising to provide full, dark lashes for four to six weeks, lash dipping sees an aesthetician dipping each lash individually with a thick dark coat (sometimes several times, depending on how dramatic you want the look to be) that requires no mascara “ or reportedly, any other real eye makeup maintenance “ until the effect wears off.

3. Mink lashes
If you’re not a fan of fur, you’ll want to avoid the mink eyelash treatment. Mink lashes are a controversial eyelash venture that involves eyelash extensions made from real mink fur. Allegedly the softest and curliest type of lashes, mink eyelashes are attached exactly like the synthetic extensions, but offer a little more give in terms of day-to-day styling. (But good luck getting past the initial wearing fur on your eyelashes factor.)

4. Eyelash perming
Here’s to an eyelash treatment that you can do yourself. If you’re tired of the daily struggle against mascara and the dreaded (albeit essential) curler, you may want to attempt an eyelash perm that does exactly what the name implies. However, while available through kits at beauty stores and salons, you may want to speak to an aesthetician before attempting the procedure yourself. While the treatment doesn’t require work with individual lashes, it does involve wave treatment that you should avoid getting in your eyes.

5. Conditioning
But if the above eyelash treatments seem like a little much, you’ll want to opt for eyelash conditioner that sees regular application “ just like mascara, only twice a day“ that leads to longer and thicker lashes (or so each product claims). Apply morning and night, then once a day after a month to maintain your lashes’ look. The good news? It takes only a few seconds to perfect the technique.


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