5 Hair Elastics That Will Brighten Up Your Mornings

Hair elastics have a bad reputation: they’re primitive, restricting and far from glamorous. On top of that, the hair elastic evolution has stayed rather stagnant in the innovation department. It’s one of those forgotten items that gets brushed under the beauty radar. So, we decided to go on a hunt (beyond our local Shoppers) to find the most exciting hair elastics. We made it our mission to find five must-have elastics that will get you to look forward to putting your hair up. Hey, if it’s something we do all the time, why can’t we enjoy it?

Twist band

This fun-loving band is the basic hair elastic with a modern twist; it gets the job done but just with a little more flair. The best part of these twists is the variety of colours and patterns they come in, including everything from bright and whites to raffia and florals. In addition to the exciting assortment, their unfinished image suggests a natural, carefree vibe—perfect for upcoming breezy blows.

Bando Elastic Band SetHudson’s Bay, $12.99

Luxe Scrunchie

There was a period (not too long) when scrunchies were, well, socially unacceptable, at least certainly for the fashionable. However, recently scrunchies have taken a turn for the good, perhaps even the great. The jumbo elastic is now offered in pleasant patterns, luxury fabrics and perfectly secured holds. And with a gentle touch, it’s a great option for those with sensitive hair.

Leather Hair ScrunchieArdene, $3.50

Braided Band

With a braided band, the original hair elastic gets a playful boost. It’s just enough to take your hair regimen from “meh” to “yeah!” Not only do these beauts have a cheerful aesthetic, the braided technique provides a firm grasp on hair. Try doubling them up for an athletic cool.

Braided Hair Tie Three-Pack, J.Crew, USD 15.50

Cuff Hair Holder

Ever wonder what makes those chic women look so effortless and put together? It’s probably the cuff hair holder. The cuff is an undisclosed tool that is a favourite for some of the most stylish. Instead of simply throwing hair up in a banal hair elastic, the cuff hair holder presents a polished, professional pony. An ideal look for the office, an interview or even formal occasions.

‘Atelier’ Enamel Cuff Ponytail HolderNordstrom, $25.15

Embellished Band

Uplift your pony with a humble add-on of jewels or metalwork. We promise this extra level of hair care will not go unnoticed. It illustrates a refined appreciation for the hair that wears well in both fancy and fun events.

Mrs. Presidant Co. Ponytail Holder, ShopBop, $61.23

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