5 Cool New Beauty Products You Need Right Now

As a beauty writer you get to see a lot of stuff come in and out of the office. While it's all wonderful, sometimes you find yourself wondering how many pink lipsticks one really needs (the answer, according to my beauty bag is 23, by the way), some products that land on our desks are game-changing, revolutionary and downright cool. And since we're such huge proponents of sharing these seriously awesome beauty products, here are some great products you should definitely give a second look to this season. 

The new BB

BB creams are definitely not new on the beauty shelves, and while it seems every brand has gotten on board with the beauty balm trend, some are definitely putting a new spin on it and taking this foundation replacement to the next level. Benefit is one of those brands, launching their Bigger than BB Big Easy—a liquid to powder formula that goes on smooth, adjusts to your skin tone and covers all of those pesky blemishes. This cover-all product has an SPF of 35 (bonus for those sunny days ahead) and has a velvety powdery finish that stays put all day long. $46, available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Murale and Sephora

Hair fix

Anti-aging is no longer reserved for your skincare regimen, but now for your hair too. Good-for-you brand Live Clean introduces their Age Resist line and their pre-shampoo hair treatment Miracle Nutrition Oil that is silicone-free (which means no residue build-up), but leaves your hair looking fresh and revitalized, not to mention silky and smooth. Wheat protein makes hair appear fuller while jojoba, rosehip and avocado oils leave your tresses soft and manageable. $12, available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

At-home gel mani

Gel manis are all the rage these days as they're longer lasting than most of the regular polishes on the market right now. And what better way to get a gel mani than at home instead of a pricey salon? The Fuse GelNamel system gives you a week-long chip-free mani in just a few minutes, and comes in a wide range of shades. The teeny LED light is super transportable and can even be plugged into your computer for those lunchtime touch-ups. Fuse GelNamel Starter Kit and Individual Shades, $40 and $16 each, available at mass retailers.

Airbrush finish

You won't need a filter for your selfies after using this product. Make Up For Ever launches their HD Pressed Powder that puts soft focus filters to shame with the smooth fine line-reducing, Photoshop perfect finish that leaves your complexion looking impressivley pristine and helps your makeup stay put. The one-shade-fits-all formula goes on clear and has a lightweight formula that gives you the HD without the cakey feel. $41, available at Sephora.

Glitter be gone

There are few things that irk a nail polish junkie more than trying to remove glitter nail polish. Since OPI is always a front-runner in the lacquer game, it was no surprise that they were the creators of such a genius product that allows you to PEEL OFF glitter nail polish. Pause for reaction. And guess what? This product is tried and tested and actually works. No more do you have to sacrifice not having bedazzled tips or fight with removing glitter polish—when it's time to swap your colour, just use a cuticle stick to peel off those pesky sparkles and even dark polishes! Can we say beatuy revolution? I think so. OPI Glitter Off, $11, available at select salons .

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