5 Beauty Trends You Can Actually Wear

We love the edgy beauty trends our fave designers splash on the runways every year but honestly, we also like trends we can wear without looking completely out of place.

Here are five trends for fall/winter 2012 that you can rock with confidence because they are totally, 100% wearable.

1. Bordeaux Lips
While the drab white complexions and messy hairstyles that accompanied the bordeaux lips on the Gucci runway are a little extreme, a touch of burgundy lipstick é  la Kourtney Kardashian is totally acceptable. As long as you’re not planning on powdering up with white foundation, you’ll definitely look ultra-glam.

2. Slicked Back Ponytail
The emphasis on the pale complexions and overly-structured brows make a statement on the runway when paired with a super sleek ˜do but with your usual rosy glow, a sleek pony is a trend you can wear comfortably. Remember, you’re not pulling your hair back tight enough to give yourself a face-lift. Just tie it back and smooth out the bumps to achieve this super easy look.

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3. Rosy Cheeks
Now this is a trend we can understand. The natural-looking pink glow will add some colour to your face this winter and keep you looking young and fresh. As an added bonus, pink blush is everywhere so you can definitely score one for only a couple of bucks.

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4. Structured Brows
This trend might look a little overdone on the runway but with a touch of eyebrow colour and a brow brush, you can get yours looking perfectly coiffed and totally normal in no time. The idea isn’t to blind people with your brows. However, a smooth, sleek look for your brows and a touch of powder to darken and smooth them out, can really make your whole face look made up. It’s a quick way to look totally put together in minutes.

full eyebrows

5. Multi-Coloured Nails
While we have to advise against a different colour for each nail (that can be an eye sore), making your ring finger a complementary colour to your other nails, or a shade darker or lighter than the rest, is a hot trend for fall 2012. Plus, you can finally purchase two polishes at a time without feeling guilty. 

nail art


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