5 Beauty Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed (But Really Do)

Looking good takes time, effort and hard work, and that’s the truth! But that doesn’t mean there aren’t beauty tools to speed up your morning routine or help you perfect your look. Streamline your beauty regimen by adding these essentials to your kit. We promise these must-have beauty tools will help you create shortcuts in order to achieve those covetable #LOTDs to share on Instagram.

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Skin resurfacing pads


The first step to a flawless face and overall look is smooth as silk skim, which is why we absolutely love the Cane + Austin Retexture Pads, $60. Enriched with exfoliating glycolic acid and antioxidants (a.k.a food for your skin and free radical repellants), simply wipe the pad gently over your skin before you apply your moisturizer. Follow up with sunscreen as glycolic acid makes the skin more sensitive to the sun. But what’s even better than the face pads? The body pads! Bye bye body blemishes! You can finally part ways with rough patches from head to toe. Try Cane + Austin Body Retexture Pads, $70, available at Murale.

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