Winterizing Your Beauty And Wellness Routine

By Alison McGill

The clock has rolled back, the last leaves have fallen, and the nip of frost is in the air. Farewell autumn, hello winter…we see you! It’s time for a seasonal switch up, not just of your wardrobe, but your beauty and wellness regime too. Here are five ways we suggest you retool your routine to not just survive, but thrive, in the months ahead.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!
Hair and skin need extra TLC when it’s cold which means it’s time to refresh your product line up to include ones packing an intense hit of moisture. For your skincare, shift to a rich nighttime moisturizer; use a facial oil morning and night; and keep a hydrating facial mist at your desk to refresh, and rehydrate throughout the day. Your hair also needs added moisture, so we suggest stocking up on leave-in conditioning sprays, and hair masks rich in plant lipids and ceramides. Make masking your Sunday selfcare ritual.

Turn Down The Water Temps
A steamy shower or bath brings instant comfort, but remember to keep the water temperature warm, not ultra-hot which can lead to skin dehydration. Use moisture-rich cleansers in the shower, and have a luxurious tub session with bath salts or bath bombs containing soothing essential oils. Also, post-soak, don’t forget to moisturize from your feet up post-bath with a rich body butter or body oil.

Make Vitamin D Your BFF
The sunshine vitamin is essential for mood hygiene in the winter months. As Carolyn Plater and Stephanie Kersta—they are both psychotherapists and owners of Toronto’s Hoame meditation studio—have previously shared with us, a lack of sunlight equals a lack of vitamin D which is the hormone responsible for mood regulation. Adding a supplement to your diet will help to balance you. According to the Endocrine Society, the optimal amount of vitamin D to take is 1500 to 2000 IU per day.

Love Your Lips
This is the first area to suffer effects of the cold, so up your lipcare game with regular exfoliation. We love mixing up our own lip scrub, it’s super easy to do. Combine one teaspoon of the following ingredients for a lip-perfecting formula: coconut oil, white sugar, brown sugar, honey, and jojoba oil. Gently massage into lips, rinse off with cool water then immediately apply your favourite moisture-rich balm.

Wear Colour
When it comes to makeup, this is the season to add some extra punch. Soft nudes and rosy tones are great for spring and summer, but for winter think rich shades of bronze, garnet, and amethyst for eyes; plum or crimson for lips. Cheeks have become a particular focus this season, so give them a gorgeous glow up with an earthy peach, or toasty pink shade of cream blush.

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